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4 Sustainable bars in Kuala Lumpur shaping the bar world of tomorrow

From low-waste practices to a dedication to local produce, these bars are paving the way for an environmentally conscious night out

Time Out Kuala Lumpur in partnership with Pernod Ricard

What does the bar of tomorrow look like? How can bars ensure a responsible and sustainable future for the industry?

Addressing these questions is the Bar World of Tomorrow, a collaborative initiative that aims to raise awareness and foster unity in the bar community for a more sustainable future. The brainchild of Pernod RicardTrash Collective, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, this visionary programme equips bartenders with the knowledge and tools to adopt more sustainable practices in their operations – from using fresh ingredients and practising responsible alcohol serving to implementing effective waste management strategies.

At Time Out, our mission is to help you go out and explore the best the city has to offer. We are proud to champion the bars that demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability. In partnership with Pernod Ricard, we are awarding the first-ever “Bar of Tomorrow” title to one bar in Kuala Lumpur that goes above and beyond to lead a more sustainable bar scene.

While Kuala Lumpur's burgeoning sustainable bar scene is still relatively young, there are definitely bars that have helped set the standard. Bar Trigona has, of course, garnered global acclaim for its unwavering dedication to sustainability with its focus on foraged ingredients from Malaysia. Its influence is undeniable and has propelled the city's eco-conscious bar culture forward. Here are four more bars that are redefining this emerging movement towards sustainability in Kuala Lumpur's bar scene.

We’re giving a toast to these eco-conscious bars in KL that are leading the charge towards a greener, more responsible drinking culture. Here, read all about the nominees’ remarkable achievements and enjoy a sustainable cocktail the next time you're out exploring KL.

Sustainable bars in Kuala Lumpur

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Calling itself Asia’s first culinary bar that focuses on experimental blends that deliver complex flavours, Rakh has quickly become a shining example of eco-consciousness in KL. Edible garnishes, repurposed kitchen scraps, and inventive ingredients transformed through fermentation and distillation find their way into Rakh's unique and delicious creations. With a laboratory-like approach, Rakh's bartender, Akshar, skillfully crafts drinks that not only embody the future but also embody the essence of sustainability – the very core of Rakh's ethos.

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The brainchild of cocktail-celebrity Angel Ng, Triptyk weaves sustainability into every part of the bar. From upcycled furniture to making their own liqueurs and fruit leathers, Triptyk's commitment to ecological responsibility extends well beyond the glass and permeates every aspect of its operations. What's in the glass is pretty remarkable too. Every cocktail's ABV is clearly marked so that you can drink responsibly and cocktails are split into two categories: appetisers and mains. Appetisers feature light and refreshing drinks like highballs and spritzes while mains pack on the flavour with drinks like the Hafu, made with shiitake vermouth and miso tequila.

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From inception, Canvass has sought to centre its cocktails (and food) around the pursuit of "sustainable hedonism" – ensuring the delicate balance between flavour and ecological responsibility. As one of the pioneers in the local sustainable bar movement, Canvass sources ingredients from Malaysia, minimises waste (reusing, repurposing and fermenting practically all byproducts from the kitchen) and emphasises biodiversity for both a healthy ecosystem and a healthy gut. Think charred pumpkin syrup and dehydrated beetroot created out of food scraps to make some of the tastiest cocktails in town.

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Reka:Bar doesn’t just champion Malaysian ingredients, it packs an entire symphony of flavour into its seasonal menus. Each menu reads like a themed album where Reka's bartenders remix and riff on classic cocktails to create freshly minted hits. The latest menu features an improved “Dusun 2.0”, which contains everything from tempoyak (fermented durian) and jackfruit soy milk to a chilli padi distillate. While dizzying in scope and taste, Reka:Bar is firmly rooted in sustainability as well. Its drinks feature repurposed items (like banana peels), and it strives to minimise ice usage throughout the night – a real feat in blistering hot KL.

Join us in creating The Bar World of Tomorrow

These four extraordinary bars have exemplified their commitment to creating a sustainable bar industry. While we celebrate their wins, we can also take this opportunity to further the conversation and continue the momentum for a greener future!

The Bar World of Tomorrow training course addresses all aspects of sustainability and responsibility from fresh ingredient use to the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages to waste management. Pernod Ricard aims to train 10,000 bartenders through this programme by 2030, equipping them with the skills necessary to navigate the industry's challenges in a sustainable manner, ultimately setting them up for success in the future.

Become a part of the Bar World of Tomorrow, today. Together, we can shape a greener and more sustainable bar industry for generations to come.



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