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Come nightfall, Huckleberry bakery and café becomes a bistro and bar

Huckleberry After Dark

A bright and busy bakery café by day, Huckleberry takes on the persona of a hip bistro come nightfall. The menu does a 180 as well. It’s more exciting, with a Los Angeles food truck meets Mexicana vibe, featuring tacos, burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and fried chicken with waffles – basically shareable, communal food that you can also eat with your hands. What we really love is that the food is fresh, well executed and jam-packed with flavours and textures. The house-made brioche buns used for the burgers and hot dogs are commendable: crisp on the side, soft and pillowy inside, and most importantly, buttery.

The cocktail menu is quite extensive; while a majority of the cocktails are a cheeky take on the classics, a few house creations stand out, particularly Minion Juice, which is homemade banana rum and pandan syrup mixed with coconut water. You’ll be glad to know that there are also bottled craft beers and alcoholic milkshakes, such as the A$AP Rocky Road (bourbon, vanilla and salted caramel ice cream, rocky road brownies, toasted marshmallows and salted caramel sauce). The mocktails, though limited, are equally inventive – none of that tepid, lazy iterations of Shirley Temple taste-alikes that you find across town.

Tue-Sun, 5.30pm-12midnight. For Huckleberry After Dark location info, see listing.