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Easy Ramadhan food kits and deliveries

Warung buah
Warung Buah's 'Break Fast Fast Kit'

If you're too busy to go out and buy food for buka puasa or sahur (at this point, we're assuming you're not the rajin kind who preps their meals in advance, because who does that?), look to these food delivery services as your meal shortcuts this Ramadhan. Plus point: these are healthy options because preferably, we’d like to fit into our Raya clothes.


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Amazin’ Graze 
The purveyors of healthy snacking want to put an end to expanding waistlines this fasting month by encouraging us to eat food that’s high in protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates. Hence, they’ve rolled out a special Ramadhan edition of their Amazin’ Box subscription featuring any four of Amazin’ Graze’s Ramadhan snacks: satay lemongrass nut mix, rendang coconut nut mix, sticky pudding granola, Pandan Skinny Cookies and Rose Skinny Cookies (read: cookies free of refined sugar, butter and white flour). This month only, you can get the Amazin’ Box for only RM24.90 – no subscription needed. 


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Warong Buah 
When you're fasting and still stuck in the office with a tight deadline come buka time, it's tempting to succumb to the call of the golden arches. Close that browser window; you can now break fast with Warong Buah's Break Fast Fast Kit. The Ramadhan emergency kits come packed with iftar essentials like large medjool dates, a half-litre bottle of ThisIsWater pH8-8.5 water, organic peanut butter granola bars, large oatmeal chocolate chip soft cookies, and nuts and dried fruits. Get a kit for RM49.90 and stash it in your car or desk. 


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Chopstick Diner 
If you don’t have time to go to Ramadhan bazaars or cook, Chopstick Diner will sort that out. Their wholesome box is cheap but hefty. At RM9.90 (not including delivery charge) you’ll get a takeaway box of one main dish. Choices differ for each day but it varies from noodles to rice and pasta. We particularly like how Thursday’s menu is looking – garlic fried rice with roasted eggplants and pumpkin in miso sauce. To make sure that your food is fresh, you can opt to have it delivered between 4pm to 6pm during Ramadhan. Minimum orders do not apply unless you live in Klang, Shah Alam and Cyberjaya.


The Rebellious Chickpea

This month, The Rebellious Chickpea offers a different buka puasa menu each week with dishes for two (RM35) or four (RM60) people. For this week, they're whipping up soy-glazed kampung chicken and veggies with brown rice. It's free delivery between 4pm and 7pm, but take note that they can only deliver to areas in KL city only. Interestingly, deliveries will be available to folks in TTDI every Wednesday. To order, Whatsapp The Rebellious Chickpea at 017 745 2137 by 12noon on the day itself.

Dah Makan

Dah Makan
You should know Dah Makan by now. The food delivery specialists also deliver for dinner between 4pm to 7pm (you can pick your preferred time slot when you order), so make full use of this and order in your buka puasa meal (there are three dish choices each day). Prices range between RM19 to RM25, and the best part is that you can turn your order into a complete meal by adding on a drink (choices include Tapping Tapir sodas, fruit juices and even cold brew) and/or a snack by Amazin' Graze. We're already eyeing Thursday's grilled chicken leg 'percik style' with green pea rice

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