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Five dishes to try at the revamped Tanzini at GTower

Tanzini at GTower has been revamped into a casual dining restaurant specialising in modern European cuisine, heavily influenced by classic Italian dishes while featuring hints of Asian flavours. The roomy restaurant holds two private rooms with views of the city skyline on top of the main dining hall and a cosy lounge by the bar. Here are some of the dishes to try:

Tanzini Boscaiola

Photo: Daniel Chan

Boscaiola, RM32
Tanzini prides itself on its housemade pasta, and there are seven varieties to choose from: spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine, squid ink spaghetti, gnocchi, penne and fusilli. The pastas are made with eggs and low gluten flour, and as such they are slightly less firm than usual. The vegetarian Boscaiola is a creamy pasta dish punctuated with portobello, white and brown shimeji mushrooms as well as leeks.

Tanzini lamb in tajine

Photo: Daniel Chan

Lamb in tajine, RM88
Served in a tajine, this Moroccan dish of slow-cooked lamb shank is served on a bed of mixed bean and barley stew, and brightened with preserved lemon.

Tanzini fish roe rolls

Photo: Daniel Chan

Vietnamese Fish Roe Rolls, RM30
Wrapped in a thin translucent rice sheet, these rolls are very appetising thanks to the tart yuzu dressing. The rolls are filled with willow leaf fish, squid roe, grilled egg and salted egg.

Tanzini salted egg cannoli

Photo: Daniel Chan

Salted egg cannoli, RM26
A sweet and savoury salted egg cream cheese filling is encased in a dark chocolate ‘cigar’. The creaminess is balanced out with the bright acidity from the wild berries served on the side.

Tanzini tiramisu

Photo: Daniel Chan

Tanzini Tiramisu, RM28
With the actual dessert sitting in an ice bath, the presentation of this dish is made for Instagram. A non-alcoholic option of this classic Italian dessert is available upon request.