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Forget KFC fried chicken flavoured nail polish. We want banana leaf rice nail polish

Nail polish
Photo: apomares/iStock

Depending on where you stand on food and cosmetics, last week's biggest/most bizarre news is that KFC is working on a fried chicken flavoured edible nail polish. That's not all – you can choose either original or hot and spicy. And no, this is not a joke.

Since this edible nail polish thing is really happening, we're going to throw our own idea into the hat. To all the food entrepreneurs out there, let's do something similar but Malaysian. Let's do a banana leaf rice flavoured nail polish. 

Banana leaf rice

Photo: Stacy Liu

Think about it. We already use our hands to eat banana leaf rice so this could be a natural progression. And if we're really going through with this, we suggest you make it in three flavours: dhal (in pastel yellow), chicken curry (in sunset orange) and fish curry (in chilli red). But why stop there? How about a limited edition crab rasam flavour (in fiery crimson of course) for the festive season? The possibilities are endless. 

So how about that? Do you think this could potentially be a great idea or do Pretty Patties come to mind?

(PS: If you're seriously thinking of producing and selling this, we need to talk royalties.)

(PPS: If all this banana leaf rice talk has got you hungry, head to these banana leaf restaurants.)