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Now open: Krug Chef’s Table at Enfin by James Won

Enfin by James Wong

Those familiar with Brasserie Enfin at Oasis Ara Damansara will be glad to know that the restaurant has evolved into a handsome new fine dining space at Menara Hap Seng. It’s also now known as Enfin by James Won. What’s even more impressive is that this French restaurant houses the only Krug Chef’s Table in Asia; the others being in Brazil, Germany, Poland, Mexico City and the United States.

It’s obvious that there was no expense spared in the design of this private dining room – natural wood, warm tones, bespoke Luzerne tableware and hand-cut mirrors – but the Krug Chef’s Table experience goes beyond the aesthetics of the space. For a maximum of 20 guests (one party at a time), Chef James Won will create a private dinner menu with Krug champagne pairing.

A note about Chef James: He’s a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, and he has worked in Paris with Alain Ducasse at the three-starred Michelin restaurant in Sofitel Le Parc. In 2014, he was inducted into the exclusive Krug Ambassade network, where renowned chefs and restaurants around the world represent and work with the Krug champagne house to create unique dining experiences. This newly launched Krug Chef’s Table is a showcase for Chef James – he’s all about technique and with this, he’s able to stretch that prowess in demonstrating various textures, flavours, layers and depths, often all in one dish.

Sea urchin, slow-cooked egg yolk in prawn oil, miso-cured egg yolk, charred leeks and handmade pasta

Ask for his signature egg dish, which features various renditions of the versatile yolk. There’s a miso-cured egg yolk, solidified and cut into discs; another egg yolk slow cooked in prawn oil until turned thick and heavy, but still fragrant; a twirl of firm pasta handmade wholly from egg yolk. All that might seem like an extravagant overload, especially when you add sea urchin on top of it all, but the salty, sweet, soy and umami flavours play off each other brilliantly. More importantly, the earthiness of the entire dish highlights the Krug champagne’s bright citrusy notes. Yes, it's a complex dish, but you can't deny that it is a joy to eat.

Other noteworthy dishes include a brioche toast with scallops, cream cheese and strawberries; a triple caviar combo on a bed of black garlic purée and almond tofu; and a decadent skilfish main course that’s served with French abalone and cod fish milt tempura on a saffron and lobster reduction.

But of course, this being a bespoke experience, you can decide with Chef James on the dishes you want. The only catch is this: There’s a minimum spend of RM25,000 for the Krug Chef’s Table – that’s RM1,250 per person for food and Krug champagne, assuming there’re 20 people in your party. Best file this under engagement, anniversary or special celebration.

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