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Shelah answers KL's problems

Photo: Eric Chow/Blink Studio

Each month a different personality addresses KLites’ issues. This month, we have Time Out KL’s original Agony Aunt, Shelah.

I’m finding this year to be quite depressing. What can I do to cheer myself up and feel optimistic again?
Jennifer, PJ

I know how you feel. Do things that make you happy, that put a spring in your step. I take time to read, listen to music, and occasionally eat ice cream, which always puts a smile on my face. The one thing you have to realise is that things will always be depressing and it’s something you need to learn to live with. It’s what you do and how you look at things that will help to add a little cheer. Whether you’re a glass half empty or half full, see that there’s always water in the glass. If all else fails, wear a wig. I do. Changes everything.

I’m losing my hair. Help! What can I do?
Chris, KL

Simple. Like me, you can shave your head bald and then when the occasion calls for it, wear a wig. I started losing my hair early in my adult life, but I didn’t let that bug me. I did try a few ‘regrow’ products. After a while I just went and shaved it all off. Nowadays I wear all kinds of wigs. It’s easier if you’re a man. Women, that’s a little different. Society hasn’t learned to accept women who aren’t blessed with thick full hair. Beauty is beauty, what the hell does hair have to do with it, eh? Anyway, if you’re willing, try the many hair loss clinics and products. Some actually work. BUT please don’t stress too much. Stress also causes hair loss. Take it easy and weigh your options. Or do what Elton John did. Get hair plugs.

I want to avoid going to a friend’s wedding. Can you give me a foolproof excuse?
Matthew, Klang

First of all, this is obviously a friend you don’t really care about. Otherwise you’d be wondering what to wear and whom to carpool with. My real advice: Just go to the wedding. Leave early if you want to. Go. If not, you have no place to call him your friend. No excuse will lessen the guilt you will eventually be carrying.

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