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Try now: Banana leaf waffle at Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie

Try now: Banana leaf waffle at Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie

Not to waffle on about strange food combinations, but after creations like sushi doughnuts and nasi lemak cakes, KLites can now add the bizarre banana leaf waffle (yes, you read that right) to the list.

Online pastry shop Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie recently opened a brick-and-mortar store in Petaling Utama, offering creative customised cakes and new dessert items. For one sweet treat on the menu, they took a leaf from a Malaysian staple, banana leaf rice, and turned an ordinary waffle set into something that's bound to make café-hoppers (and BLR purists) go bananas.

Here's what you’ll get from the pâtisserie’s banana leaf waffle creation: slightly chewy waffles fragrant with chai spices, house-made coconut ice cream on a small mound of toasted coconut, and mango jelly with chopped chilli. Adding to the unlikely ensemble are smooth mango curry chantilly and balsamic rice vinegar crackers. And to make things a bit more ‘authentic’, everything is laid out on a banana leaf. Think of it as a sweet version of your regular banana leaf rice (but hopefully not as food coma-inducing), but if you prefer burying your fingers in proper rice and curry, here are the best banana leaf restaurants in KL.

Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie serve the banana leaf waffle at RM24.90. For more info, visit their Facebook.