Time Out KL Food & Drink Awards 2017

Presenting the shortlist for Kuala Lumpur's biggest independent Food & Drink Awards


Sze L

Where’s the bread shop and gold Bar?? Incomplete

Diana N

It will be great if there's a category for coffee bar, instead of combining these specialty coffee vendors with cafes. Some coffee bar serves desserts, and not cafe foods. 

Becky K

Nice food and cozy environment

jennyleong y

Most of the famous local food can be found in Lot 10 Hutong

StandingTheory C

Hey Anantha! We take our coffee pretty seriously.. :3 #feelingshurt

Anantha K

Best Cafe should Coffee Cofea, etc etc (all those listed as Best Coffee). While Best Coffee should be Antipodean Cafe, Medeka Coffee, etc etc. Because people like Antipodean sells COFFEE, just real coffee and not artistic diluted coffee, like the one listed inside Best Coffee.