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KL's best ice creams and desserts

The best cool treats and desserts in the city and where to get them

By Time Out KL editors

Featuring customisable ice cream, alluring parfaits and nostalgic sundaes – these are the latest scoops in the city to keep you cool.

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Fatbaby get stuffed
Photo: Hizwan Hamid


Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Subang
Get Stuffed, RM40 
As if four scoops of ice cream sandwiched between two large waffles weren’t enough, this masterpiece by Fatbaby is also topped with an extra scoop of ice cream, sliced bananas, and drizzled with salted caramel to make this worthy of skipping your traditional brunch fry-up so you can enjoy it to the last spoonful – and trust us, you would want to. The waffles are super crispy yet fluffy on the inside, and manage to keep their crispiness even after most of the ice cream has melted (so no soggy waffles). If you don’t know which five ice cream flavours to pick, go for these: salted caramel, Earl Grey, cornflakes, peanut butter brownie and honey comb.

Aboong Malaysia

Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Subang

Signature Aboong with custard, from RM10.90

If you’ve always wanted to have waffles with ice cream on the go, Aboong is your answer. The waffle (slightly crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside) is made to order, with a dollop of either red bean, custard cream or Nutella as the base, then filled with the yoghurt soft serve of your choice (we had red bean and the seasonal mango flavour) for a surprisingly delicious package. Toppings include Nestum flakes, chocolate drizzle and mixed fruit skewers dipped in chocolate fondue.

Inside Scoop ice cream waffles
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Inside Scoop

Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Bangsar

Valrhona and mango lassi ice cream with waffles, from RM18.50
If you’ve demoted your ice cream-eating experience to just scooping out of a biscuit cone, you’re doing it wrong. The only way to do Inside Scoop’s Valrhona ice cream justice is to plonk it on deep-pocketed Belgian waffles and drizzle them generously with chocolate sauce. Airy, fluffy and crispy – you’ve probably heard of these hackneyed descriptions of a perfect waffle a hundred times. But we never get tired of this comforting, sure-win creation. Ask for at least two scoops of ice cream – you’ll thank us for it.

Nana's green tea
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Nana's Green Tea

Restaurants Japanese Mid Valley City

Matcha shiratama parfait, RM23.90
Matcha enthusiasts will love the photogenic Matcha Shiratama Parfait at Nana’s Green Tea. It starts off with kanten seaweed jelly as the base and is built with vanilla soft serve. A layer of corn flakes is added, which is then topped with a scoop of finely milled pastel green matcha ice cream, adzuki paste, whipped cream and glutinous rice balls. Lastly, matcha syrup made from premium uji matcha is drizzled over the whole creation. The dark green matcha takes on a pastel hue when mixed together with the whipped cream and soft serve.

Pops Malaya
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Pops Malaya

RM4.90 each, RM19.90 for a pack of six.  

Beat the heat with frozen fruit juice on a stick. Yasmin at Pops Malaya makes the most delicious popsicles with actual fruit juices, sweetened with organic cane sugar. Try the watermelon and lychee, orange with dried apricot, or chewy chocolate. 
Available at various locations including Kedai Mesra Petronas, Simply Sandwiches and Modvier.  

Morelli's sundae
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Morelli's Gelato

Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Bangsar

Berry pavlova sundae, RM35
For a sundae that meets your childhood aspirations, Morelli’s Gelato fits the bill with gelatos that are made from scratch daily. Their sundaes are placed in the -15C blast freezer after every layer is added to ensure it retains its shape and temperature. The Berry Pavlova, a concoction of wildberry sorbet, raspberry yoghurt, soft vanilla gelato with raspberry coulis, meringues and seasonal berries, is one that stands out. Adults can go for Baileys, a satisfying sundae made from hazelnut gelato and chocolate sauce, served with a single shot of Bailey’s liqueur in a chocolate cup. 

Magnum cafe
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Magnum Kuala Lumpur

Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Mid Valley City
Customised Magnums, RM9.90 each
Luscious vanilla ice cream coated with a layer of chocolate that cracks like eggshells – it’s an affectionate feeling you’ll never forget as a child. But Magnum is making the experience even more personal, allowing you to customise your dessert with various toppings: go traditional (chocolate ice cream with chopped pistachio) or experimental (chilli flakes and sea salt). Our pimped-up version of a vanilla Magnum is liberally anointed with rose petals and goji berries – both swathed with aggressive aromas that punch you in the throat but linger on like a delicious garden on your tongues. It’s a pretty good mash-up worth singing praises about. 
TBF oreo garden
Photo: Hizwan Hamid


Restaurants Fusion Kota Damansara
Oreo garden, RM18
How about a potted plant dessert? We take it from the top: Crushed cookie crumbs, garnished with almonds and rosemary; then, dig a little deeper for a luscious layer of cream, chocolate lava and vanilla ice cream; and finally, your reward is a level of chocolate chunks buried at the bottom. All in all, it’s a rewarding dessert – you think you’re digging into a bowlful of dirt, but it’s a surprising sweet and sour wonder.

More treats to cool off

Juice and coffee
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Battery Acid Club

Restaurants Cafés Damansara
Bottled coffee and juices, from RM10
We’d love a cold cuppa any day. At Battery Acid Club, co-founder and barista Aaron (formerly of Butter + Beans and Artisan Roast) trots out honey-infused coffee as well as a line of ‘creative’ juices in bottles. Reflecting the founder’s love for design and architecture, each flavour is named after a designer: Vignelli (orange, pink guava and strawberry), Corbusier (apple and grapefruit) and Rams (orange, mango and pineapple). Hold on to the bottle when you’re done – there are snippets of each designer’s work on the label.
Tong sui
Photo: Joyce Koh

Kedai Kopi Khoong

Restaurants Hawker SEA Park
Tong sui, RM2 each
This dessert stall does not have a name, usually referred to as the tong sui stall at Kedai Kopi Khoong. Serving Teluk Intan chee cheong fun, yau char kway, and most importantly, gently bubbling pots of tong sui, this establishment has been providing tea break options to the folks of Sea Park for more than a decade. On the menu: fu chuk gingko barley, mak chuk with corn, red bean soup, mung bean soup and bubur cha cha.
Photo: Stacy Liu

Cold brew coffee

Restaurants Coffeeshops

A spin-off of the regular iced coffee, the cold brew trend has the industry clamouring for the title of 'the best'. And just like a steaming cup of foamy latte with a panda etched on top, the cold brew process is complex. 


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