Kids DIY: Festive sock snowman

We show you how to make your very own snowman
Kids DIY snowman
By June See |

We don't get any snow in Malaysia, but you don't need any to make this snowman!

Kids DIY snowman - materials


1 white sock
1 coloured sock
3 coloured buttons
2 rubber bands
A small orange pom pom
A black marker
A glue gun
A small amount of ribbon (about 20cm)
A scrap piece of paper

Kids DIY snowman - step 1

Step 1

Create a makeshift funnel with a scrap piece of paper and tape to secure. Then take the rice and fill the white sock until it’s about 2/3 full. 

Kids DIY snowman - step 2

Step 2

Pack the rice down and tie off the sock with a rubber band to prevent the rice from falling out. You should be able to mould two vague circle shapes (one larger than the other).

Kids DIY snowman - step 3

Step 3

Take the second rubber band and tie it about 1/3 of the way down, separating the head and body of the snowman. 

Kids DIY snowman - step 4

Step 4

With the help of an adult, use the glue gun to glue on the buttons. 

Kids DIY snowman - step 5

Step 5

Take a black marker and draw on the eyes, and then the smile. 

Kids DIY snowman - step 6

Step 6

Roll the pom pom until it becomes the shape of a small cone, and glue it in the middle of the snowman’s face. 

Kids DIY snowman - step 7

Step 7

Tie the ribbon around the snowman’s neck to make a scarf, and glue down the sides of the ribbon to secure. 

Kids DIY snowman - step 8

Step 8

Ask an adult to help trim the top off the sock. 

Kids DIY snowman - step 9

Step 9

With the help of an adult, cut the coloured sock just before the start of the heel. Fold the edge over to make a small beanie. 

Kids DIY snowman

Step 10

Put the beanie on the snowman. You’re done!


Video tutorial

Bonus: Here's a quick video tutorial!