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Graze’s Signature 11 offers a modern twist to classic European favourites

Graze Hilton KL

The stylish Graze at Hilton Kuala Lumpur recently underwent a revamp to revitalise its space and update the items on its menu. Its signature warm wood-accented interior is complemented by artsy black and white portraits of famous European landmarks lining the walls, providing a cosy brasserie dining ambience.

With a menu that focuses mainly on French, German and Italian cuisine, Graze offers diners familiar European favourites made with the freshest ingredients and seasonal produce in the market. Leading the culinary team is the affable German Chef de Cuisine, Darrius Seitfudem, whose technique and skills are showcased through dishes that fuse local produce with imported ingredients, creating a modern twist to classic flavours and dishes.

Chef Darrius is also the brains behind Graze’s Signature 11 – a selection of 11 new dishes on the menu that are all about big tastes and balanced flavours, made up of appetisers, entrées, mains and desserts.

Linguine Graze Signature 11
Linguine with sautéed girolles, mushroom cream and chives

The house-made appetisers within the Graze Signature 11 include the Scottish Salmon Tartare, and a silky-smooth Foie Gras and Chicken Liver Mousse on toasted rye bread with tangy red onion marmalade, which cuts through the richness of the dish. There’s also the linguine, which is made from scratch and served with sautéed girolles, mushroom cream and chives; and the spicy Provencal Fish Soup with rouille, croutons and Gruyere cheese – a Southern France affair.

Moving on, the Baked Scottish Loch Fyne Salmon Fillet is simply seasoned with sea salt and lemon zest, and is served with colcannon (a traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes with vegetables). The Squid Ink Gnocchi comes with fresh seafood like clams, prawns and scallops, cooked with a seafood butter sauce, samphire and parsley.

Veal osso bucco Graze Signature 11
Veal osso bucco

If you prefer red meat, the Vienna Schnitzel is veal loin breaded and pan fried with butter vegetables, potatoes and wild mushroom sauce, while the slow-braised Veal Osso Bucco is made with premium Italian veal shank and served with Milanese risotto, gremolata and crispy sage.

The Signature 11 comes to a sweet ending with a fluffy Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé with mixed berry compote and the Graze Tiramisu, a classic Italian dessert (done very well here) with coffee-infused mascarpone cream topped with fresh berries and chocolate. If you want something less sweet or chocolatey, go for the Kaiserschmarrn – a traditional Austrian dessert that’s a fluffy sautéed shredded pancake with caramelised apple and vanilla ice cream.

Graze tiramisu - Graze Signature 11
Graze tiramisu

The experienced staff at Graze will also assist in helping guests choose the perfect bottle of wine to go with the food and preferences in palates. All diners have to do is back, relax and let the course transport your taste buds across Europe.

The Signature 11 is available alongside the regular menu items on Graze’s menu.