The best budget karaoke joints in KL

Cheap places to sing your heart out

When the need for karaoke calls but pay day is far away, head to these karaoke joints for more wallet-friendly rates. Alternatively, if you wish to sing your heart out in more lush surroundings (with the option of an all-you-can-eat buffet), see our list of best karaoke joints in KL

Music Star

There’s an abandoned whiff about the Galaxy Ampang mall, but there’s Music Star as a redeeming factor. Hourly afternoon k-deals at this karaoke by the parking lot go for RM14 per room, which means you pay less than five ringgit if you go in a group of three. Plus, they have good snacks (there’s something about having Cheezels and karaoke-ing at the same time) and soft drinks options.

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At RM10 per person for six hours on a weekday, it’s worth the trek of tolls and traffic to Kota Damansara. So what if soundproofing is less than solid, and so what if the rooms are small and shabby? Beggars can’t be choosers, and besides, Firezone makes up for it with its very-up-to-date songbook: it already includes Ariana Grande’s latest single.

Rates from RM10 per person for six hours (12noon-6pm, weekdays).

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Kota Damansara

K-City Family karaoke

So many family outings and birthdays were held here, thanks to the no-frills but commendable karaoke service. Yes, it’s smack dab in the traffic woes of Cheras, but you can always walk around the 1 Shamelin mall later. If you’re lucky, you may just spot a local artist hosting his/her fan club meeting here.

Rates from RM5 per two hours and surcharge of RM5 for titbits (12noon-7pm).

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Need a karaoke playlist?

The 50 best karaoke songs

We’ve road-tested (and butchered) more than a hundred songs, sang them both sober and not, to bring you this ultimate list of best karaoke hits. Get your mic on… and, to borrow the words of André 3000, ‘Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!’

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By: Time Out KL editors