Best Earl Grey desserts in KL

Ditching the tea bags and loose leaves, we check out Earl Grey desserts and pastries instead

By Alisha Azuddin |

Green tea has dominated the dessert scene for a while now, with nearly every café sporting its own matcha creation. But now it's time for another tea to take the spotlight; it's the Earl Grey's time to shine in KL.

Fluffed Big Grey Wolf waffle
Photo: Bryan Ong
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Big Grey Wolf waffle

icon-location-pin SEA Park

Known for their handmade ice cream and signature waffles, Fluffed’s Big Grey Wolf features a scoop of Earl Grey ice cream atop a charcoal waffle, along with strawberry slices and sprinkles of almond praline. The strawberries give a slight sour tinge that perfectly balances the sweetness of the ice cream.


Agak Agak Earl Grey bundt
Photo: Bryan Ong
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Earl Grey bundt

icon-location-pin Bangsar

Agak Agak puts a new twist on the traditional bundt cake. The frosting has a distinct bergamot scent and it lends an overall sweetness to the cake. As a finishing touch, dragées are sprinkled on top to give it a fancy, glittery appeal.


Table & Apron Earl Grey creme brulee
Photo: Bryan Ong

Earl Grey crème brûlée

icon-location-pin Damansara

Earl Grey’s citrusy notes work well to cut through the dessert’s signature richness. Plus, the tangy grapefruit wedges is a brilliant touch: they assert freshness to balance out the sweetness, while adding bite to counter the overall creaminess of the crème brûlée


Bake Plan Earl Grey white chocolate bun
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Earl Grey white chocolate bun

icon-location-pin SS2

One of Bake Plan’s signature pastries, the Earl Grey White Chocolate bun has a slight crunch on the outside but is airy and chewy on the inside. There’s a distinctive taste of Earl Grey in every bite, which is also laced with hints of white chocolate. Best enjoyed warm – come around 11am when it’s just fresh out of the oven.


La Casa Raspberry Earl Grey
Photo: Bryan Ong

Raspberry Earl Grey

icon-location-pin Mont Kiara

After burning those calories at Flycycle, head downstairs and treat yourself to a slice of cake at La Casa. Their Raspberry Earl Grey is a flourless sponge cake layered with Earl Grey chocolate mousse and topped off with raspberry jam.


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