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Ice cream sandwiches in KL

Who says sandwiches can't be the sweet kind?

By Melissa Mazlan

When plain old ice cream by itself doesn't work its magic anymore, have it sandwiched between cookies, macarons or bread at these cafés and ice cream parlours for a cool (and chewy) ice cream sandwich treat.

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Restaurants Coffeeshops Bangsar South
Ice cream sandwich platter, RM32

Thirdwave trots out an ice cream sandwich platter in their new menu, with flavours like pandan kaya and burnt caramel ice cream in match sablé, as well as dark chocolate and rose ice cream with chocolate sablé.
Seven Cups
Photo: Daniel Chan

Seven Cups

Restaurants Bistros Damansara
Salted caramel popcorn ice cream sandwich, RM11.90

While they're known for taking their coffee seriously (the coffee shop's Four Chairs blend from Singapore coffee roaster Nylon is from Nicaragua and El Salvador), Seven Cups also does sweet stuff with a range of homemade bakes and waffles with dollops of Fatbaby ice cream. Seven Cups' ice cream sandwich comes in the form of two house-baked cookies and a generous scoop of Fatbaby ice cream. We recommend the popcorn-studded salted caramel with salted caramel drizzle and chocolate marshmallow cookies, but the vanilla ice cream sandwich with salted cornflakes is also worth a try. The crunchy cookies make it a little hard to eat, but it’s worth taking huge bites and looking undignified for ice cream.

IDC (Ice Dreams Café)

Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Petaling Jaya
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, RM12

The ice cream at IDC is pretty remarkable on its own (they use New Zealand's famous Kapiti ice cream) but plonk a scoop of it between the café's homemade cookies and it becomes an ice cream sandwich you'll dream of in days to come. Try the Black Doris plum and crème fraîche ice cream to go with the chewy chocolate chip cookies, but abandon any thought of eating it like a sandwich as the scoop's pretty large. We suggest halving the cookies to make things easier.
Fatbaby get stuffed
Photo: Hizwan Hamid


Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Subang
Get Stuffed, RM40

Sure, finishing one scoop of ice cream may be small beans to some, but Fatbaby's formidable four scoops of ice cream in between two large waffles – and topped with a fifth scoop – is a challenge. While you won’t traditionally call this an ice cream sandwich (you'll need a knife and fork to eat this, and a friend), the combination of crisp, fluffy waffles with sliced bananas, salted caramel drizzle and ice cream is just too good not to include in this list. All the best picking the five ice cream flavours but if you’re stumped, we suggest salted caramel, Earl Grey, cornflakes, peanut butter brownie and honey comb.
Thirty Seconds
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Thirty Seconds

Restaurants Cafés Damansara

Shamaziin ice cream sandwich, RM9

If you're looking for modern roti ais krim, Thirty Seconds' ice cream sandwich is your go-to dessert. Their ice cream comes sandwiched between two ciabatta slices. There are only two flavours available (Horlicks Maltesers and peanut butter) but plus point: the ice cream sandwich comes with fries if you're into that combination.

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