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Ramadhan bazaars: Section 14, PJ

What to get from the Section 14 Ramadhan bazaar

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Time Out KL editors

This neighbourhood bazaar along Jalan 14/28 for PJ’s Section 14 folks is relatively small, but still offers good eats. If you’re still not sure how to get here, Waze to Anjappar Indian Chettinad Restaurant, park along the street and walk straight until you see the pasar near Jaya Shopping Centre or come across people heavily loaded with pink plastic bags of food.

Tepung Pelita Istimewa Paya Jaras

Paya Jaras promise to incur dreams of their tepung pelita with an intriguing tagline, ‘Rasa sebulan, rindu setahun’. We tried it, and while it’s quite delicious with sweet and salty flavours, we’ll probably think of it in passing (but still look out for it next year).

Air kelapa laut

Ditch the fluorescent-hued juices (neon green tembikai susu is a little scary) and get a packet or two of the dark caramel-coloured air kelapa laut. The sea coconut beverage is a refreshing thirst quencher like its air kelapa sibling, but tastes sweeter.

Photo: Bryan Ong


While the satay here isn’t the most mind-blowing we’ve had, the stall still offers decent sticks of chicken and beef satay; juicy and tender, and not that rubbery. Remember your self-control and don’t order too many of the skewers.


People travel to this bazaar for the famed popiah basah – crunchy vegetables, egg, fried shallots and prawn doused in a 'secret sauce’ and rolled into a thin skin. Lines at this stall usually take about 30 minutes to conquer, so make your way to this stall first.


Ikan bakar

The Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy stall at this bazaar is a staple; leaving without a few of the fish is almost like not stepping foot here. The banana leaf-wrapped fish is fresh, and covered in the spicy marinade, makes for the perfect dinner. Make sure you ask for the air assam dipping sauce.

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