Best indoor venues for outdoor sports in KL

Get your adrenaline flowing and heart pumping at these indoor sports venues

We all know the weather in KL can be a bit unpredictable, which makes planning for outdoor sporting activities difficult. These sports venues are fully equipped with contemporary facilities and offer an environment that simulates the experience of participating in these outdoor sports, indoors.

Photo: FlowRider


icon-location-pin Bandar Utama

Located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre’s latest extension 1 Utama E, FlowRider is an indoor surf centre that lets you ride an artificially produced wave, but ‘real’ enough to perform authentic surfing tricks, flips and spins. The centre is equipped with a Double FlowRider, a wave simulator built in the USA that produces sheets of water that flow at a constant 32km per hour, three inches above the facility’s vinyl surface, allowing for a steady surf.

Beginners are taught by highly trained instructors; and before you know it, you’ll be conquering the waves. If you just want a taste, opt for short half-hour sessions. For something a little longer, get the day pass that grants unlimited rides for the whole day.

Rates, per half hour, RM30 (weekdays); RM35 (weekends); per hour, RM45 (weekdays); RM55 (weekends). Day pass, RM270 (weekdays); RM330 (weekends).

Photo: AirRider


icon-location-pin Bandar Utama

If you plan on staying dry, AirRider is an indoor skydiving facility that’s also located in 1 Utama E. Here, you get to ‘skydive’ inside a 10m-tall wind tunnel that replicates the experience of diving out of a plane from 14,000 feet above ground. Before heading in, strap on compulsory safety gear such as flight suits, a helmet and a pair of goggles.

If you’re a first-time diver, beginner packages consist of one-on-one diving lessons with a certified instructor, where you’ll learn how to perform manoeuvres to keep yourself from colliding into the walls and your dive partner.

First-time flyer packages, from RM89.


First Traxx Ski & Snowboard Centre

icon-location-pin Petaling Jaya

If you can’t afford a skiing trip to the Alps, First Traxx in PJ is the next best thing. At this indoor ski and snowboarding centre, you ‘ski’ or ‘snowboard’ on an Infinity Slope – a treadmill-like machine that mimics a snow-clad slope, and tilts at varying angles for different levels of steepness. Its surface is covered in a grass-like material that resembles snow (but minus the freezing cold).

If you’re new to this winter sport, instructors will teach the basics of balancing, moving and stopping; and unlike the Alps, you’ll have a support bar to hold on to on the slope – think of it as training wheels but for skiers and snowboarders. When you’re ready, ask for the machine to run at a higher speed.

RM168.54 per one-hour session.

Sport and fitness

Blastacars Malaysia

icon-location-pin Bukit Bintang

Excite your inner petrolhead with some drift kart racing; yes, drift kart racing. Blastacars Malaysia puts a slight twist on regular go-karts by making vehicles that are specifically designed for drifting. These karts are built and brought in from New Zealand and adhere to strict safety standards, so you can rest easy knowing that the vehicles are safe.

Located in Sungei Wang Plaza, the 200m indoor track that you’ll be racing on is specially designed to make skidding and sliding effortless. The karts have three speed caps – Novice, Advance and Pro (for which you’ll need a special Blastacars license). You’ll be provided all the necessary racing gear and equipment, along with some tips and tricks by friendly instructors if you’re new to drifting.

Novice, RM60; Advance, RM90; Pro, RM100.

Attractions, Arcades and amusements

District 21

icon-location-pin Putrajaya

IOI City Mall’s indoor theme park will get your adrenaline pumping with games like knuckle rides, rock wall climbing, trampolines and aerial obstacle courses. For a real challenge however, the Ninja Warrior Course is the park’s latest addition and consists of 15 obstacle courses that will test your strength and agility.

At District 21, you can run, jump and swing to your heart’s content, through obstacles such as the climbing nets, Tarzan swings, monkey bars, lava pits and more. All surfaces are padded for extra safety, and a helmet, safety pads and gloves are provided.

Weekdays, RM68 per pax; weekends, RM85 per pax

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