Best water theme parks and activities in KL

Make a splash, boys and girls

Where to go to cool off in this tropical heat.

Asian Water Sports Village

Asian Water Sports Village

Hop on over to Klang Valley’s only licensed water sports centre, located at a lake in Puchong. Gather 15 friends, pay RM119 each (check online for deals) and enjoy three hours of play-all-you-can motorised water sports (choose five) plus unlimited non-motorised activities like kayaking and fishing. Better yet, book the lakeside villas for overnight stays where you can have a rooftop barbecue party overlooking the lake. During the day, check out these three rides: 

Banana Boat 
AWSV requires booking with at least 12 friends (12 if you’re staying overnight, 15 for the all-day package). The Banana Boat is one of the most popular rides as it takes six riders per game so no one gets left out!

Aqua Fly 
Strap yourself into single player mode with Aqua Fly. Choose to ride it like a jet ski or play it safe and lie on your stomach. As a solo player, the ride will be lighter than usual. Expect more flying action.

Fly Fish 
The game to conquer at AWSV. Buffeted by wind and waves, the inflatable three-person ride bounces along at extreme speeds, and even goes 90 degrees at times.

If water sports are not for you, take a break from being towed by the jet skis and head to the floating Water Theme Park. The giant trampoline on the water is probably the closest you’ll get to have your Wipeout moment. 
From RM119

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Desa Waterpark

Desa Waterpark

These are the top three attractions at Desa Water Park:

Tarzan in Town
The name of the attraction is already a giveaway – hang on the ropes and glide from one point to another without getting wet. 

Super Tube 
The good old fashioned water slide gets an upgrade as you zoom down from a 30ft-high launching pad. 

Shock Wave
If all you want to do is chill, just kick back on a tube and let the (man-made) waves take you away. 
Adults, RM35; children, RM25

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Taman Desa
Stand up paddling at Tasik Biru

Stand up paddling at Tasik Biru

Stand up paddling is a lot like surfing – except you don’t need waves. What you do need is: a paddleboard, which is larger and longer than a surfboard; a paddle (of course); and calm, flat water, like a lake, river or quiet sea. At Tasik Biru, a two-hour session will teach you the basics. Along with the equipment, the instructors will provide tips and techniques for balance, posture and paddling, and as long as you’re physically fit and can swim, everything should go swimmingly. Be sure to make a booking at least seven days in advance; you can go alone or bring 19 friends along. 
Daily, 9am-5pm. Advanced booking required. RM140 per pax.(019 6638 336/

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Sungai Buloh
Sunway Lagoon Water Park

Sunway Lagoon Water Park

Sunway Lagoon is an obvious choice when it comes to water rides, and here's why:

Dive off an 11-storey tower and plunge through the water ride that spans 152m. The attraction is designed to resemble riding rapids on a turbulent river. 

Waterplexx 5D
The ride, which moves in tandem with the onscreen action, will be bombarded with ‘realistic’ special effects such as laser beams, wind, fog and ambient lighting. 

See if you’ve got what it takes to be a surfer chick or dude on this surf simulator. 
Adults, RM90; children, RM65. Access to all parks.

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Water zorbing in Titiwangsa

Water zorbing in Titiwangsa

It’s like being cocooned in an inflatable human hamster ball. You first have to squeeze through a small opening and wait patiently as the staff pumps air into it. Then, walk, run, tumble or roll your way across the surface of the lake. If you’re worried about worst case scenarios, just know that the density of the air content in the orb is high enough to keep you afloat without any risks of sinking. 
Mon-Fri, 3.30-7.30pm; morning session upon request. Sat-Sun & public holidays, 9.30am-12.30pm; 3.30-7.30pm. RM15 per ball for ten minutes. (03 6256 3611/

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Water Gym

Water Gym

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you need to put your exercise routine in the back burner. You can now jog on a treadmill attached to the bottom of the pool. Since water provides natural resistance, this workout requires you to expend more energy so you’re actually burning more fat. The water acts as a giant cushion to provide you with a low-impact training ground. 
Call for free trial.

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Kelana Jaya

Other ways to beat the heat