Lifehacks: KL tips and tricks

Little cheats to help you get ahead in KL

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By Time Out KL editors |

How to get a seat on the KTM, where to buy cheap drinks in Changkat, and more tips and tricks to help you get ahead in the city.


Get tested for HIV and STI anonymously

We won’t lie; HIV testing is nerve-racking. But it can be less stressful, and that’s the aim of PT Foundation’s Community Health Care Centre (CHCC). They offer anonymous screening (from just RM40) that’s coupled with pre- and post-counseling. No names and personal data will be collected, and your test result will be disposed of after the test. The centre is friendly and non-judgmental. Note: appointment necessary.


Shower on the go

If you need to freshen up, head to KL Sentral: Look for Guardian on Level 1 and turn left, then go past the lockers and toilet till you find the shower room on your right. RM5 per entry; shower gel is supplied and you can rent a towel at RM2.

MyRapid pass

Get more discounts with a MyRapid card

The MyRapid card – used to pay for your Rapid KL buses and trains – functions just like a Touch ‘n Go card, but better. You not only skip the long queue at ticketing machines but the card will entitle you to discounts across 28 outlets (attractions, shops and F&B), including Petrosains (15 percent off admission tickets), Sunway Lagoon (30 percent off admission tickets) and Espressolab (10 percent off coffee beverages). They say travel smart, but you travel smarter. Promotion until May 1.


Fly a kite in the city

If shopping at the huge Setia City Mall wears you out (is that even possible?), go fly a kite. No, really. The mall sports a spacious and windy 10.2 acre park without a lot of trees, so don’t fret about getting your kites entangled. Forget the beach – you can now shop, go fly a kite, and then shop some more.


Crowd-free toilets

When nature calls, it’s unnerving that certain mall washrooms have long queues while the premium ones demand payment. For toilets that are almost always empty and somewhat cleaner, here’s where to go. At KLCC, washrooms on Level Two and above are always cleaner and mostly empty (especially the one near Cotton On Kids). At Mid Valley, the less-crowded ones are tucked away in AEON. As for The Gardens, head to the Level Three washrooms by the Isetan side (the Robinsons end features premium toilets with warm towels at a price of RM5).


Party down at Under9

Under9 is an underground club for the subculture of independent-thinking, non-conformist tastemakers. It’s literally underground, by the way; it’s located at the basement of Bangunan Ming Annexe. More importantly, it’s a non-smoking venue, good for deep and dirty house to funky and techno tunes, and for those who eschew dress codes, guest list and VIP gimmicks.
Fresh seafood

Fresh seafood delivered to your door

Lobster in a pan, naked oysters with a squeeze of lemon, and fine fish for frying, grilling or steaming – you can have it all; all you need is an Internet connection. MySeafoodMart has over 20 years of experience in the fishing industry; get your fill of Australian, Irish and New Zealand seafood from Southern Rock Seafood; meanwhile Lo Seafood carries frozen seafood captured from the waters of Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia.

Bicycle map project

Map to help you cycle safely in KL

If you plan to traverse the city on your two-wheeler, grab a copy of the comprehensive KL bicycle route map and guide compiled by The Bicycle Map Project, a voluntary initiative by local cyclists and commuters. It is available at various venues, including Rodalink, KSH Bicycle and Awesome Canteen.
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Shop and Box

Shop from anywhere in the world

Here’s a breakdown of online shopping in KL: You fall in love with a bag, a dress, a pair of shoes sold in another country – but wait, the brand doesn’t ship to Malaysia. Cue credit roll, because that’s the end of your love affair. But wait, ShopandBox matches a Shopper (that’s you) with a Boxer (that’s your new #bff in the country you want to shop from) who will help you shop better, cheaper and faster, and then deliver your items to you in a (wait for it!) box.