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Lights of Soho

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4 out of 5 stars
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Lights of Soho

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Lights of Soho is London’s brightest art gallery and members' lounge, operating as a cultural hub for Soho’s creative community and the global home of creative neon and light art formats. We also provide a daytime meeting space for Soho’s cultural connectors, influencers and creative community.



Address: 35 Brewer Street
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly
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Users say (32)

4 out of 5 stars

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4.4 / 5

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A really unique place to hang out and have a drink with lots of little nooks and crannies. I came here for the Fiz pop up but I think usually it might be members only or at the very least you need to pre-book. The neon lights are quirky and naughty. It's worth checking out for something different but I wouldn't go just for the light art alone.


Fizz pop and bang! This cute little arty bar reminds me of a firework. Full of neon lights and about 15 different proseccos this quirky place if full of character and class. As a huge prosecco fan I was very pleased to see such an extensive prosecco menu. I started with a red prosecco which I've never had before. The description was 'red. fizzy. yummy.' I loved the mystery of this so had to try it (which the staff let me do before buying) and it was delicious and exactly as described: yummy! 

As for the art some of it I loved and some of it not so much. From flashing legs to sausage dogs and flamingos I thought the selection ranged from great to tacky and expensive. However, all of it was interesting to look at and I liked that you could go and explore downstairs to see more of these neon installations. This is clearly an art lovers hub but for me it was a prosecco haven as I can't say I'm 100% convinced by the art. 


Conjure an image in your head of the grungy brick walls, the neon lights and the sexy vibes of Soho. Now imagine this was all in one venue. That's Lights of Soho. It seems the majority of events I'm invited to these days are at this place and they truly know how to throw a party. Delicious cocktails, tiny corners to have an intimate chat in and an edgy atmosphere bring this place together. Don't be put off by the member's club vibe, it's a great place for your next event. The only drawback is it can get very noisy as the loud voices and pumping music bounces off the bare walls. 


Fancy some bright lights used in creative ways? Then this place might just be for you. The neon art gallery side alone would be worth a visit but, for those of you that can't break the bank in one of their exclusive pieces, there's a bar to save you. It is member's only, but has a pretty laid back atmosphere that is making them grow as a quirky happy hour destination in Soho. They can also be used as a venue for private events, which is just genius as it comes ready to go, and it's ideal for a artsy cocktail at the end of day.


Walking past Lights of Soho, you get to peer into this, bright and colourful, strange but beautiful place. You'll be forgiven if you don't quite know what goes down here. Lights of Soho is a gallery of fun and quirky neon lights that line the walls of the ground floor as you enter. Follow the neon lights down stairs to a funky lounge/bar area. There are a few pockets of seating areas downstairs with a bar and dj. They have some really good cocktails! I was there for a launch party and I found it a bit on the small side, there wasn't too much space to move around when it's filled with people. Would love to try it out during the day when it's less busy.      


I absolutely love this private members' club and it's such a great spot for a day time cuppa or a work meeting. It's also stunning at night with all the neon. You'll find the staff absolutely charming, props to the guys on the door who do a great job of keeping people lighthearted and happy even when they have to queue on an evening to get in. 

The light displays and neon signs change from time to time and are a heaven for Instagrammers and creatives alike. The cocktails are scrumptious (you must try the Hoxton Gin - I'm not a gin fan but this stuff is addictive). 

Can't wait for my next visit and it's always a showstopper to bring a client or friend to. 

PS - it is a private club but you and a guest can get in any time with a Time Out Black membership.


I am an art lover and maybe that is why it is hard to call this place a gallery. I would rather describe it as a lounge/bar. That being said, I really enjoyed my time in Lights of Soho and had a tasty cocktail served by their lovely staff. Definitely worth popping in if you're in the area.


A lovely establishment in central London with some truly beautiful lights on display, great for instagram and for the diehard neon-heads amongst you, it's certainly a bright spark that'll leave an impression. It's something that's certain to cheer you up on a cold day (and god knows there's plenty of those this January), and if you thought the top floor had enough lights, there's even more downstairs (dis)tastefully arranged for laughs and selfies. 


As members' bars go this is pretty good. The place looks the part and feels right in terms of what they have set out to achieve. Operating as both a gallery and bar, the scenery changes regularly but you are pretty well guaranteed to see plenty of neon. It's not huge but big enough to be interesting and the format and layout assist on that level too, with a downstairs basement bar, and series of small rooms. While I really wasn't a fan of the gin and tonics that were served as specials while I was there but I'm sure any stated preference would be catered for.

Staff Writer

Not your average art gallery! There's so much more going on here than just a couple of hanging pictures, there's a few nice cubby-holes to escape from the world with a drink and the crowd always seems pleasant.


I still remember the first time I went to Lights of Soho. It was a cold day after work. I just went in by chance because I saw the neon signs blinking through the window. This is the kind of random meet cute in the city that reminds me and made me feel that I'm very lucky to live in London. You just constantly bumping into those lovely little surprises in the city. 

The staff who work there always seems to enjoy their work. Even when the place was busy, they still carry on the smile on their face. A great place to hang out with friends and see the neon artwork with the curious quote in the gallery. 


The lights of Soho is a little (gem) gallery/bar in Soho, literally 5 minutes away from Picadilly Circus station.
I have been to this place for the first time for the Time out Black party and this is definitely an amazing spot to throw parties!
The exhibition there at the moment is about light art and neon and makes it even more perfect...

The space is split on two floors with bars both upstairs and downstairs. The first floor is totally open and really looks like a gallery and the downstairs area is shared in 4 small and cosy rooms.

Really worth a look!

Awesome art work residencies here but the customer service downstairs is atrocious and the gin & tonic was really foul.  Could not even have more than two sips before leaving it.   Heard the espresso martinis are really good but I wasn't going to take the chance after the worst G&T ever.


A cute art gallery that turns into a space for hosting events in the evenings and comes equipped with a bar! I loved the use of neon lights with their interior design because it quite literally lights up the rooms and adds some funk to the atmosphere at night. Moreover, the various messages written on the mirrors hanging around the gallery are both hilarious and thought-provoking. The bar makes a pretty damn good Gin & Tonic. It has a pretty unique taste because with your first sip, you immediately notice a hint of vanilla in the gin, which is surprising but delicious! This space has some really great vibes and so is the crowd. 


I’ve been passing this place many times and always thought it’s just an art gallery. I’m so happy I had a chance to be at the Time Out Black launch party to discover it’s also a great event space and a members club with two bars and hidden nooks. In the current guise it features a few neons by the artist Chris Bacey of the God's Own Junkyard fame and quirky mirrors by Graeme Messer. Worth visiting not only if you're neon/light art fan.


A new members bar in the cente of Soho which at the same time serves as an art gallery. Neon and light art formats that change through time are found in all spaces in this modern/arty bar. Apart from the main ground space, there is a 2nd bar downstairs and few small areas to get you and your company more isolated from the rest. Their gin drinks have a coconut taste and their espresso martinis are unique.


I thought this place was a light shop when I walked outside but after attending the Time Out Black launch last night I realise it is much more. At first it just seems like a small gallery space with a bar but venture to the back and there are stairs which lead down to a basement bar with more neon art lights on the walls and some cosy alcoves with mismatched furniture to enjoy a meeting, date or night with friends. The gin had a kind of coconut flavour which was nice, and the bar staff seemed skilled at cocktail making with some of the best presented espresso martinis I have seen. Well worth a visit if you're a member, or if you're a Time Out Card holder, you're already a member it seems!


This places oozes sexiness with its chilled out beats, electric collection of neon, satarical sculptures and cosy coves. Social escapades, hipsters and trendsetters gather to enjoy its ambience and decadence. Try it out for yourself, this members bar can be yours with Timeouts epic black card.

An absolutely gorgeous place in the heart of Soho London, with first-class art exhibitions and delicious cocktails.

Amazing place to hang out and meet creative minds alike! Great place to grab a tea and coffee during the day as well. Really nice gallery with interesting neon light sculptures.

I really appreciate the way how Lights of Soho shows light art, very precisely and inspirationally.

A classy yet fun safe-haven in the heart of Soho. Delectable cocktails against an ever-evolving background of neon art and swinging beats. One of the last few spots swimming upstream to maintain the original spirit and liveliness of Soho.

So much going on here. I am very inspired by the talks and have met some amazing people. They are pushing new and emerging artists as well as presenting big name artists which is refreshing, but most of all I like the genuine debates and questions they raise with their curation and programming. Cocktails and parties are super, of course, but they also have substance, which is something that is often dying or bing pushed out these days.

LoS is an amazing creative hub where artists, musicians, writers etc come together. I've been to some great talks, book launches, album launches and private views there. All things which are quickly diminishing in Soho. It's small it's friendly, it's open day and night. I only wish places like this were appearing rather than disappearing . I love it.

LOS has been a huge addition to the Soho neighborhood, creating a Hub for all things cultural across Film Fashion Music and Art


Lights of Soho is one of the newest members bars in Soho and is a welcome, contemporary edition. Full of exciting and eye-catching light installations which wouldn't look out of place at God's Own Junkyard (there is a connection here between the two). The upstairs in the main exhibition centre where as downstairs has a lots of cubby holes and breakout areas for relaxing drinks with friends.

It's never too busy, if not quite pricey for their main drinks, so is a great venue for the location.

I would strongly recommend ordering an Old Fashioned here, as it was one of the best I've had in London.

Lights of Soho morphs from a free place to hang out in the day to a members club at night. Located on Brewer Street - perhaps one of Soho's seedier addresses - its neons evoke the history and the grimy culture of the area. But its all good , clean fun . If you want poppers or hookers go elsewhere. Lights of Soho is an exhibition space, a bar , a work-space and a place where great live music happens from time to time. Really worth checking out. 


The exhibition space is free from 10am-6pm and it's worth a look - the current exhibition is around the theme of 'vanitas' (Latin for vanity - probably perfect for the soho of our generation). The only criteria appears to be the incorporation of light in some way, which leads to some intriguing work, from a baby taxidermy fox curled up in a neon ring, to an 18th century-style oil painting portrait with a melted down candle affixed to the side (too much staring at oneself?), to an installation from none other than God's Own Junkyard. As a 'working space' (which I think to be fair, is only a secondary claim) I can't imagine it being that conducive to working, much better for drinking in one of the little cave-like nooks, a day meeting space for creatives, or a wander round on your lunch break.


Lights of Soho is a neon art gallery/cocktail bar in London’s vibrant Soho neighbourhood. And it’s super cool

You can’t miss it. From the outside, the front window is ablaze with vibrant neon artwork which immediately draws your attention. Inside, it’s minimalistic but the main attraction is the neon artworks which covers the walls. It’s an eclectic collection of neon art signs inspired by theatre, every day street signs and even seedy London. It’s definitely attention grabbing.

The neon artworks are up for sale should you wish to purchase. Just so you know, they don’t come cheap!

Spread over two floors (ground floor and basement), there is also a bar which I assume is open later in the evening so you can also sip cocktails while you sit on of the comfy chairs and admire the decor.. I’m no art aficionado, but you don’t have to be to appreciate art like this.

If you’re lucky to live close to God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow and have visited, then you’ll absolutely love this. If you’ve always wanted to visit but live a million miles away, then this is a great alternative. Lights of Soho is another hidden gem uncovered.


This place is cool. Lights of Soho is an unassuming little place on Brewer Street which is super modern with stark white walls and minimalist pop up bar but the USP is the bright neon artwork covering the walls. Art gallery bar anyone? Hell yes. Arrive at 7pm and you'll be checked in by the super cool host and you have the choice of upstairs with lots of little tables or downstairs which is an Aladdin's cave of treasures with discreet areas for group bookings. The art changes regularly so you'll always find something new and you can buy it too! I had nice white wine at about £6 per glass but they do plenty of cocktails too and is about £8 for G&T. Intimate, cool, naughty and creative, I love it.


Three weeks ago, my friends and I were walking down Brewer Street and randomly pushed the doors of Lights of Soho after our eyes were caught by the pretty lights inside. We were quite surprised by the place as it's not only an art gallery but also a nice coffee place and a private members club after 6pm. As we were enjoying the exhibition God's Own Junkyard by neons artist Chris Bacey, we decided to stay longer and grab a cup of coffee. Lights of Soho is definitely one of the coolest place to have a coffee with friends or just a business catch up in Central London as well as enjoying a bit of art. The atmosphere is great and relax and I will definitely come back for more afternoon coffees and have a look at their new exhibition for Valentine's Love HZ. 

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