Stefanie Heinze: Genuflect Softly #1

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Stefanie Heinze: Genuflect Softly #1
Stefanie Heinze, 'Unentitled (Drooling Eyes)', 2016-2017. Courtesy the artist and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London.

Looking at Stefanie Heinze’s paintings is like searching for shapes in clouds, if the clouds were memories of cartoons from when you were a kid. You spy bulging eyes, flopping ears, legs running past in a blur. These intricate, neat but somehow totally messy paintings are like someone’s fed every Looney Tunes character into a Nutribullet and tried to reassemble the gloop.

So there’s a really pleasing, nostalgic, childish quality to the work, but an angry, vicious maturity too. Abstract yet full of figuration – hands, eyes and penises – they’re grown up and stupid at the same time. Most of us can probably relate to that. 


By: Eddy Frankel

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