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Time Out says

In 1884 many things happened. The first steam cable trams set off in Highgate, Mr Kellogg patented ‘flaked cereal’ and Marie Tussaud moved into Marylebone Road. Having already made her waxwork debut in the capital in 1802 (32 years after she founded the show in Paris), Tussaud decided to lay down permanent roots and she’s been there ever since. While Madame Tussaud the real life woman passed away in London in 1850, her legacy lives on.

Visitors to Madame Tussauds nowadays will find some 300 lifelike models that come from the worlds of music, movies, fashion, sports, royalty, politics, history and fiction. Major actors such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and George Clooney, come together with favourite characters from ‘Star Wars’, ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘ET’. The likes of Einstein, Dickens, Monroe and Chaplin offer a blast from the past. Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill lead the sports personalities, while Kanye, Rihanna and Madonna give off ultimate attitude in the music section. Elsewhere The Queen stands proudly with Will and Kate, Trump and Cameron get a look in, and YouTube stars Zoella and Alfie Deyes (no, us neither) are on hand for the youngsters.

The exhibition goes back as far as 400 years, in their ‘Spirit of London’ ride – a mocked up London taxi that takes you on a journey through the city’s history. Other rides include the floor drop (hold onto your stomachs) in the ‘Chamber of Horrors’, where you’ll find a history of crime and punishment over the last 500 years, with scary special effects and instruments of torture.

It’s the experiences and rides like these that make Madame Tussauds much more than a museum of dummies. This is a lively place to come, and although its’ hugely popular, the journey through is well managed. Even the most reluctant star spotter among your party can’t help but crack a smile.

Tussauds also hosts Marvel Super Heroes 4D. Interactives and waxworks of Iron Man, Spiderman and an 18ft Hulk provide further photo-ops, but the highlight is the nine-minute film in ‘4D’ (as well as 3D projections, there are ‘real’ effects such as a shaking floor and smoke in the auditorium). Throughout the year there are special exhibitions themed to the seasons or the latest entertainment stories or films.

One of the most recent additions is the truly impressive Star Wars area. Working with Lucasfilms Ltd to get costumes, looks and set design right, Madame Tussauds have excelled themselves. You can explore the swamps of Dagobah, pose for photos alongside Han Solo in the Cantina, take your place at the controls of the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca or try to free Princess Leia from her chains in Jabba’s Throne Room.

Step into the swamp to meet Yoda and feel the soft ground beneath your feet as the musky smell of a 900-year-old Jedi’s home fills the air, then balance yourself on a glass-walled balcony and imagine what it would be like to reach out to the black-gloved hand of Darth Vader.

And proving they remain right on top of trends and current affairs, there's now a section dedicated to YouTube stars Zoe and Alfie, as well as the introduction of Donald Trump in full presidential setting, standing alongside political luminaries such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama. Plus there's an all-new Sherlock Holmes experience (tickets an extra £5) and even a 'Fashion Week' area, where you can walk down the catwalk with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne.

Top stuff.



Address: Marylebone Rd
Transport: Tube: Baker St
Price: £24.50–£35
Opening hours: 9am-4pm or later, check website for weekly updates
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Madame Tussauds is a mystery to me.

In this day and age, when you can see countless pictures of celebrities and notable figures in magazines, on television and on the internet – why would you go and see a wax figure of them? If you’re desperate to have a selfie with a star, why not use Photoshop?

Despite this, there’s no denying the attraction’s popularity. I suppose, perhaps, because there’s something for everyone. Parents feel that their children might (possibly, maybe) learn something, while they get to indulge in the daydream that the Johnny Depp/ Angeline Jolie figure to their left is actually their other half.

The artistry in the figures is undeniable, even if some are mocked on occasion. However, there’s an elephant in the room. A large, creepy elephant. For some of us (most of us? I don’t want to assume…), being in a room full of lifeless waxworks with dead eyes is one ghost short of a nightmare.

I visited Tussauds on a school trip when I was eight, and can only say that I was traumatised by the experience. The only thing that calmed me down was a calming trip to the planetarium afterwards, and sadly that option is no longer available.

So, I implore you, won’t somebody please think of the children?

I went to timeout for their Dead Famous silent disco. As a last minute thing I managed to pull together an outfit in an attempt to look like Audrey Hepburn.

We we greeted by a blood covered Marilyn Monroe and headed straight up to the 5th floor in the lift. We got our headphones and welcome drink of fizz and settled ourselves on with the wax work celebrities amd a few live actors.

This was my first wireless disco and it was a lot of fun, although it did turn into a bit of a karaoke towards the end. There were three channels to tune into and I was switching between them throughout the night. We also got to experience Alien Encounter, an immersive experience where an alien has reportedly escaped.


So I finally got to see Madame Tussauds the other day and even better it was after dark hours with a silent disco twist!

So I will say that some of the wax figures are little hard to recognise *cough cough* Tom cruise haha but honestly others were incredible and I'm wondering who I have to call in order to get mine done! Lol

They had an alien section which was a mini interactive part which had me screaming a little but I'm a scaredy cat so nothing to fear.

I was lucky enough to go to the Madame Tussauds Silent Disco on Saturday night. I had never been to a Tussauds before and I have to say the wax figures were more then a little freaky!!! I had to keep checking if they were real and of course some of the staff loved standing still and then jumping out at me HAHAHAHAHA 

Sadly there was only a small section of exhibits open, I was looking forward to all the super silly pics I had seen on Instagram. They did have an interactive alien ship thing open which I loved!!! Again the staff were really great. 

The silent disco itself was really good, there was 3 DJs playing a good mix of tunes and the headsets worked all over the open area which was brilliant!! 

Not sure I would be rushing back as the figures were cool but after about 2 minutes I was like 'is that it' I mean, it is what it is and that just ain't for me. If you do want to go I would highly recommend the Silent Disco night as you get a little taste but also have the fun of dancing the night away :) 


I went along to one of Madame Tussauds special silent disco events where I got to dance the night away to a select of different types of music genre.  This one was a themed Halloween silent disco.

As this was my first time I have ever attended a silent disco and I was highly impressed I think I loved the fact that you could change to the music genre you want to listen and dance so it is very versatile to all.  I loved dancing along with others and especially the wax works.  Who would of thought I would of ever danced along with Brad Pitt, Russel Brand, Nicole Kidman etc ok they are wax works but neverless. 

I would highly recommend to anyone who loves music, dancing, celebrities and wax work as this is totally different to attending a nightclub or any other silent disco party. 


Tourist trap? I tend to agree with @Jane G. that Madame Tussaud's just smells of rip off which is probably as a true Londoner I have never thought about coming here. My mind was very much changed when I went to a Friday Lates one cold night in March. Being in Central London I just expected terrible shiny wax works with no context. Also that terrible smell and the thought that if the lights shine on the wax works too long, they would melt. 

So first theres a cloakroom where you can put bag and coats. Don't put your camera in the cloakroom! Taking silly pics with the waxworks is half the fun! also at the lates there is professional photographer who then puts the pictures on the facebook page for Merlin Events so you can easily tag yourself or share the pictures. 

The lates included a complimentary drink in the bar which is about half way through a clever laid out builing which takes you through different exhibitions. Who knew there would be a ride right at the beginning! All good fun showing the history of England and London. Next was the Marvels exhibition with a 4d film which I must admit was brilliant fun for all the family. We then went on to see Star Wars (old and new characters, the bar with the Kadashians and then onto sports and other famous people, not forgetting King Kong and even Shrek. 

Beyonce also did a quick intro on how they make the waxwork figures. Personally I thought this was too short, its so interesting they could have done a longer documentary. 

My top tip is make sure the batteries are charged. Youll be taking lots of pictures. Also theres a mysterious Oriental looking waxwork taking a picture in the bar. You don't recognise her? Well neither did we. Turns out she is the wife of someone who worked there and they kept her. 


I’ve been coming to and living in London for a long time and have never been to Madame Tussaud’s. I thought it was a tourist trap. Thanks to a Friday Late my mind has been changed. I felt like a kid, taking silly selfies. If you are a Londoner definitely do a late! There was plenty of space and time to be silly and enjoy the exhibits, and best of all there were no children. It’s a shame that the Alien and Sherlock experiences aren’t open for Lates but I still think that’s the way to go. I enjoyed the 4D experience but I got in after only about a 10 minute wait, and I can see that it wouldn’t be worth much longer than that. I would have loved more about the history of the wax especially since I went shortly after the anniversary of the fire that raged through it. I would have also liked to learn more about how the figures are made. There is a Beyoncé part that explains her figure being made. I kept my coat and bag but others made good use of the £1 check room.


I recently went to a Friday late night at Madame Tussauds and had a lovely time! There were no children and no queues so we got selfies with any and every wax figure we could have wanted! I would say the late was definitely worth it, as I can imagine queues being insane here! I was pleasantly surprised, as I had always just expected to walk into a few rooms with lots of figures. I certainly didn’t expect the ‘taxi ride’ of the 3D show, both of which were good fun! A free juice or alcoholic drink comes with your late night ticket and you drink it in the VIP room with all the ‘Hollywood stars’. A lovely evening, I would definitely recommend!


I had been hesitant to visit the famous Madame Tussauds, as I had heard the crowds make viewing the waxworks a challenge. The 'late' sessions are perfect, over 18 (champagne on arrival), no crowds, no lines and no waiting. Plenty of time to explore the figures and take as many photos as possible. If you are looking to visit the museum definitely find a late session and have the time to make the most of your experience!


I attended Madame Tussauds lates this Friday and it is definitely worth waiting until dark to visit all of your fave celebs.. because of the lack of crowds you can actually get up close and personal with all of the wax works, and enjoy a glass of bubbly on your way round! I have never been to Madame Tussauds before so it was all new to me, but I can imagine during the day it is absolutely rammed and it would be a struggle to make the most of all of photo opportunities and appreciate the work that's gone into the making of the models. My only criticism would be the Marvel 4D film which we had to wait 25 minutes just to watch it, (apparently we needed to wait for more people to attend and make it worth showing the film?) which wasn't really done very well, but I can see what they tried to do. I would of also have loved to see the Sherlock Holmes Experience which wasn't open on lates. 


I went to the Madame Tussauds 'Lates' courtesy of Timeout. Merlin who is the current owner, is doing all sort of 'lates' around London - the adults-only after-hour's events in Sea-Life, London Dungeon, now Madame as well.  It's awesome - no queues, no crowds, a glass of bubbles and you can actually get close to the waxwork figures without waiting for the crown to dilute and despite waiting you might still have to endure some strangers in your shots. Lates are perfect for enjoying London attraction without sightseer’s fewer.

Don’t forget to hand in your coats on arrival, it’s a £1 well spend as auditoriums are quite stuffy and hot. First you go on a little train adventure, looking at various wax figures through the history eyes. Then it was a 4D animated little movie. Nothing special at all. Take this out and add more drinking stalls on the way instead. 

Thereafter, various halls with various celebrities and famous people. Exactly what it says on the tin – waxwork figures attraction. Some are very lookalike to their real characters, some are quite so-so, some are realistic but a few years back and people are ageing, even celebrities, you know.

Because of a no-crowds event, we were able to sit on the sofas with some heartthrobs like George Clooney and Tom Hardy. And it’s totally not my fault that we looked like a perfect couple with Tom, even though I had to look at the sign for his name. A dude from MerlinEventsLondon was taking professional photographs, which were then uploaded on their FB pages. Fab! Another proof that we are meant for each other (Don’t take it too serious though!). In overall, it was an excellent event, perfectly suited for some dates, late evening outing, some quiet little occasions with a couple of friends. Madame Tussauds LATES is until 29th September. 

Born and raised in London, yet I’ve never been to Madame Tussauds before. So the excitement when I realised I had won a pair of tickets for Madame Tussauds Late nights. 

I’ve walked and driven past the venue numerous times throughout my life, always looking at the never ending queue outside. However to my surprise, we arrived at 7pm on a Friday night with no queue, BONUS. Swiftly passed through the friendly  security team and began our night on a little ride which put us in a magical mood. 
We then arrived at the Marvel section and was whisked away into a theatre room ready for a 4D short movie. Still excited to see what was next, we then started our journey through the various wax works from Starwars to bollywood and then to hollywood. This is where we got to redeem our free drink voucher. We mingled with the stars and hydrated ourselves. 

After refreshments we moved along to the sports section, royals and music stars. This was my highlight of the evening. Having a go on the Voice chairs and actually being able to press the buzzer and turn for your favourite act. We had a fantastic Tussauds staff member helping us here and making us feel as if we were real judges. 
Overall it was a great night, not to packed with visitors, able to enjoy and take pictures to our leisure with the wax works. We didn’t feel rushed and it felt as if we have it on private hire, thats how calm it was. 
Highly recommend the late night at Madame Tussauds. 

Went to the Friday nights late which meant no kids or queues. It was great fun & so many hilarious photo ops. Really enjoyed the superheroes 4D movie & posing with the various famous people was surprisingly entertaining. All the staff were really friendly & contributed to a unique & unusual night out!

saw bare celebs, cheeky so and so's didn't even give me a hug; stay classy from ya mum xxxxxx <3


If you are lucky enough to be given free tickets, you will really enjoy this in an odd sort of way. If you have to pay, it might sting a bit. The models are hugely realistic. The time invested in each model is enormous. A few of the waxworks need updating; Brad Pitt's hair is now shorter. People age. Have your camera at the ready because it's one of those photo opportunities that you simply have to go with. The taxi ride through London past is a wonderful experience and it is certainly a welcome sit down after maybe one and a half hours. The alien experience is over too quickly and not worth the twenty-five minute queue. As a one off experience it is worth it. Going off-peak, after 3.15 will save you a few pounds but beware of the queues.

Madame Tussauds - Alien: The Escape Experience (opening night)

I’ve never been to a Madame Tussauds before, or even had the urge to go; the thought of queuing to see wax figures just seems so pointless, and damn right weird. However I managed to get free tickets to opening night of the brand new Alien: The Escape Experience, which I can hands down say was pretty impressive.

We started by going on the little ride, which was really fun & well done. Then we went up into the lift and walked round the wax figures. Some looked creepy & real and others... not to much (I’m talking about the dodgy Britney). I actually enjoyed this part way more than I ever thought I would have, maybe because of the free alcohol, maybe not - who knows.

After this, we queued up to the Alien experience. Now, I do like my haunted houses, and I’ve also been around a few in the US (they do it best). The Alien one was actually really scary, there were way more actors and effects than I expected, and as we went around in a small group of 6, there was nowhere to hide!

I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll stop there. Just go see it for yourself - you’ll love it! Although perhaps pick a time where there might not be as many people as I can imagine it would be hell on Earth to queue for hours.

I gave it 3 stars just because I know the queues will be long.


This is one of London's ultimate attractions. There is nothing else quite like Madame Tussauds,mainly because of its bizarre concept, and it must be seen! I have visited numerous times over the years,simply because i am Londoner and childhood found me there a few times and my most recent visit was to take my boyfriend,who had never been. It has changed,far more polished with a fun little carriage ride through London through the ages,as you sit in a waltzer cart and are sung here and there to different montages of the city and it's familiar faces and historic moments. Random. Fun! There's the celebrity gallery,which I particularly enjoyed,where you can see all the A-listers. And there are Kings and Queens and Prime Ministers and you name it! A really fun day out for all,a must see if you are sightseeing across London. 

Madame Tussauds it's a must see on the list of all my relatives and friends visiting London. I still don't understand why because there are so many more "London" related place they could visit but they always ask me to bring them here. 

It's organised very well and if you book online you don't even have to queue. Also it's not just a wax museum, there is much more, an immersive experience, a 4 dimensional mini-movie and a ride on the London's iconic black cab. You can't be disappointed and all my guest love it and will love to go back. 

Unfortunately it's alway busy and I feel they could do better by organising groups like they do at the Harry Potter studios where despite being always full of people you can enjoy the visit much better. 


I've been to wax museums around the world and nothing beats Madame Tussaud's! Get up and close with your favourite singers, actors, athletes and characters. From taking a selfie with Kim Kardashain to sitting in the millennium falcon with Chewie. There is something for everyone!

Going back to Madame Tussauds was like regressing to my childhood (with added Prosecco - YAY!). 

I was equal parts excited and dubious to see what it was like to experience as an adult and whether it would live up to my memory - and safe to say it faired rather well. Reunited with old favourites such as Spirit of London ride, The Queen, and Posh & Becks and plenty of newer additions and up-to-date references to modern day culture, including the likes of Kimye, Usain Bolt and Zoella.

The newest feature is the Alien Escape Exhibit, based on the movie Alien: Convenant (which I’m yet to see) the immersive experience puts you in the scene, along with live actors and terrifically terrifying extraterrestrial waxworks. Although very well executed, I did hope for it to be a bit more memorable – the experience was all over in what seemed very short amount of time and I would have liked it to perhaps me a bit more interactive in the style of the Escape Rooms, where participants have to solve clues and complete actions in order to evacuate successfully.

I love Madame Tussauds.

If you are a huge celebrity fan this is the place for you, and now with the added Alien and Star Wars experiences I think this place is just getting better and better. Some figures far enough have seen better days, but considering you are allowed to touch, hug even kiss them it is not surprising. Where else can I have a selfie with Kim K, run from an Alien or cuddle Yoda. 

My favourite part is the black cab ride which has been there since I was a child. The figures are so old but I love the journey through the history of London. 

Not too keen on the Marvel 4D, but then I'm not a much fan of 4D experiences in general- I'm sure kids would love it though. 

The Star Wars section is by far my favourite. The detail on the figures is insane! I was lucky enough to go to the opening and speak to some of the sculptors about how they create the figures and it's fascinating. Everything even down to the costume is replicated to such great detail. I left with a true appreciation for the art work involved in creating the figures- which I think is very easy to overlook.

My only negative comment is how busy it is, but it just shows how popular the historic attraction is. 


In this modern age, I can not understand why this place is so popular. Surely clever photoshop editing can put you arm in arm with that hunky Hollywood A-Lister? It's true that a lot of the waxworks are unrealistic, outdated and the eyes look a bit odd so that any selfies you do manage to take despite the heaving crowds will fool no one. However, there are a few things in its favour. The entrance in the mini black London mini and is well done. I would recommend doing the lates (with a glass of fizzy wine). Some of the political figures i.e Trump and his Oval Office desk have been arranged for maximum staged lampooning photo opportunities. The Alien Experience with live actors and a waxwork of Michael Fassbender is truly gory, atmospheric and terrifying in parts, though a little short.

I have never been inside a Madame Tussaud but it was way better than I had anticipated. I thoroughly enjoyed the history ride in the beginning. Some of those wax figures were very realistic. Thank you Timeout for inviting us along to this cool event! 


I made it living in London 2.5 years without visiting Madame Tussaud's and I consider myself kind of a hero for that. What has put me off is the long lines and the big crowds. So when I had the chance to visit at a private event I was really excited. I must say the quality of what I saw was much higher than my expectation. People are queuing there for a reason! Most of the waxed figures are truly similar to who they represent, with some exceptions of course! I took many selfies with the Beckham couple, Johny Depp, Tom Hiddleston and many others with great excitement. The list goes on and on with sportsmen, scientists (selfie with myself and Newton sorted), musicians, politicians, both from today and the past! The cute little train ride throughout London's history from around the 1500s till now was also so good and so much fun!! As for the Alien exhibition, this was definitely the highlight of the evening! The characters were so well made, the spaceship, the alien and everything in combination with the actors made it almost real. I even got scared at some point. Do visit this place if you have the time and money, especially now that the alien exhibition is on. Madame Tussaud's is genuine, fun and awesome with a long and interesting history! The way they make the waxed figures is impressive. It is suitable for families and children of course so a great destination if you have friends or family visiting! If you're not putt off by the queues, at least try to find the least busy day/time - if any.


I was so determined not to like this place. The thought of waxwork museums has always given me the creeps a bit. However, I was pleasantly surprised and I have to say the exhibits were much more impressive than I had given them credit for. I even found myself enjoying it and took a fair few selfies along the way!

There are so many different characters and icons featured here – from Hollywood greats and royalty to lovable Disney animals and alien creatures! This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I am sure most people will find someone (or something) they want to have a photo with!

Definitely worth a visit on a rainy afternoon, especially if there is a BOGOF offer on.


I thought this was just going to be a cheesy tourist attraction and I was so wrong! Well, it is a cheesy tourist attraction, but it's so much more fun that you would expect. You'll find some of your favourite celebs, all dressed up and ready to take pictures with you. You'll even be able to take a selfie with Kim and Kanye (and they'll hold the phone for you ;)). Very entertaining and of course perfect for families!


Just casually hanging out with my new famous friends, I must thank my very charming date Mr Darcy what a gentleman. I have always found the concept of wax work figurines intriguing, you certainly can not deny their life like resemblance and skill undertaken during their hand made manufacturing. This is a selfies paradise from Disney to Hitcock, iconic stars from wall to wall. The new Ridley Scotts' Alien interactive exhibit is all you would expect scares, gore and blood. Fantastic day out. 


I haven't been to Madame Tussauds for many years, so was pleased to get the opportunity to go on a special late opening night with my son, where it would be a bit less busy.  When we arrived, we were taken to the showbiz room with various stars dotted around the room - and Kim Kardashian.  Some of them, such as Morgan Freeman, looked so real, we expected them to move, but a couple of them such as Tom Hanks were a bit disappointing and we did actually have to check the notice to see who they were.  I hope I'm not the only one who politely stood to one side waiting for a 'photographer' to adjust their lens to take a picture of Patrick Stewart!

Then we queued for the Alien Escape bit.  We had been warned that it was very scary, so we went in a bit nervous as to what might happen.  We were able to spend a bit of time with 'Walter' and get a picture before the adventure started.  Then the actors came and the aliens invaded and we were told to hurry to escape, which we did and then found ourselves standing bemused by King Kong!  Was it the end, or was there more to come?  I found this a little disappointing, because in the rush to 'get out', I didn't really take as much notice of what was around me as I should have, so I'm not really sure what it was there for.  It was quite dark and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be, so I could have done with being able to stand there for a while to make out what was lurking there (showing my age here).  If this had been something with an extra fee to the main entry price, I would have been disappointed with it.

We then carried around the rest of the sections.  My son is a big Steven Spielberg fan, so was pleased when we saw ET and a dinosaur foot from Jurassic Park, but horror of horrors, the Steven Spielberg waxwork sign was there, but no sign of the man himself?  Had he been eaten by one of the dinosaurs?

We then proceeded downstairs to the sports area and some really impressive waxworks of some of our Team GB stars.  I posed with Jess Ennis and Mo Farrah, but then hated the look of myself looking like a beached whale next to those abs! Next up was the Royals.  I was watching someone pose with the Royal family and alarms were going off as they leant over the barrier, or so I thought.  We just had time to be particularly impressed with the Harry waxwork, when we found it was actually the fire alarm going and we had to get out.  We had a quick glance around as

we went out and our last glimpse as we exited was Donald Trump.

Overall, I was pretty impressed and wondered why I'd left it too long to go.  Definitely find a 2 for 1 offer though when you go.  I think part of the enjoyment was because it was a lot less busy than normal and we could easily get a picture with each of the models straight away.  If your a tourist, with only a couple of days in London, I wouldn't recommend it for you as there are so many unique historical places to visit and I imagine the Tussauds anywhere are mainly the same, but if you like snapping pictures, then it's a good place to go.  Some or my friends actually thought I had got a selfie with a slightly miserable looking real Russell Brand!


I recently visited Madame Tussauds  for the first time when I was invited to a press night for the new Alien exhibit.

The first experience at the attraction was the Spirit of London ride. This involved sitting in a small London Black Cab replica as we rode slowly around wax work recreations of events from the city's history. This gentle ride was probably one of the best bits of the whole attraction.

Next we visited the showbiz room. This is great if you are a fan of celebs and enjoy taking your picture with them - if not then I imagine it would be a bit dull.

The third thing we experienced was the new Alien exhibit. After overhearing staff talking about actors jumping out and generally how terrifying it was, I was not looking forward to it as I am a big wimp. It turned out the actors were the worst part - their jumping and grabbing of us was quite unpleasant. The models of the aliens on their own would have been boring (but much more bearable!) The whole thing only lasted about five minutes - not very long at all and we didn't really know what to think when we suddenly found ourselves next to KingKong.

The remainder of the attraction was again fun, but only if you like having your picture taken with the waxworks - I enjoyed posing outside number 10 and with my feet on Trump's desk. Overall it was a pretty short lived experience and I can't say I'd ever pay to visit. 

So as with most last time I went to Madam was a very long time ago perhaps when I was in high school. My memories of this place remain very pleasant, you know minus the hundred people in every single picture I had (but that has now been fixed thanks to round two!). Off I went on an weekday evening to see what Madam Tussauds newest experience had to offer: *Drumrolls* The New Alien Experience, come on everyone loves a little role-play and not knowing what to expect. The Alien Experience is an interactive “immersive experience” which lasts just short of 5 Minutes. Idea is your team is bunch of high tech engineers who are there to save the ship from Aliens taking over. I know what your thinking, but honestly it was so much fun and something that’s a little different to spice up the current wax figure experience. Yikes it had me yelping and laughing at the same time. 

They have also added a couple of new wax figures which they consistently update, such as the new King Kong/ Jungle section, which was great. I did feel like I had Kong watching me as I slowly walked away… Worth checking out at least once if you have never been, you will be surprised at how much it has to offer. 


I love Madame Tussaud's, so I was super excited when I got invited to press night to check out their new alien escape. As a big lover of celeb spotting, I was totally in my comfort zone chilling with Posh and Becks, Julia ROberts, Adele, BOris, One direction and Obama! My camera had a field day.

The new Alien escape was quite cool, but I found it a bit too short, it was literally over In Less than 5 mins, which was a shame.

The new ET and King Kong at the end of it were pretty cool insta worthy opportunities though.

Top tip

Always look for a voucher, always bogof vouchers around!


I've just been back to Tussaud's after a long beak away to try out the Alien Escape attraction, which takes themes from Alien Covenant and mixes lighting, props, waxworks and actors to creative a short and intense experience with some jump scares to get the adrenaline pumping. Being a preview night they were probably ironing out some bugs with how to move people around to full effect so they're in the right place at the right time to experience the scares and look in the right direction, but it was good fun with some creative uses of video and props. the rest of Tussaud's has had a bit of an update including Trump in the Oval Office and some YouTubers in their own area, but some of the models are now looking a little dated. Beckham's model looks about ten years too old, as well as Brad Pitt's. Not worth the full price adult entry fee but if you get a discount, might be worth a visit on a rainy afternoon in London.


I haven't been to Madame Tussauds since I was a child, and my gosh I forgot how much fun this place is! They have a new alien exhibition on at the moment "alien escape", and yikes this is definitely not for the faint hearted! I was so impressed into how much effort they have put into it, with real life actors and horrifying sci-fi creatures, you have to navigate yourself out of the "ship". It's based on the blockbuster film alien: covenant, and the mission is simple; run, survive, escape. It's definitely a hair-rising adrenaline rush experience and possibly the closest imaginable alien experience you could get! I one hundred per cent recommend you try it this summer, especially if you're into things like fright night at thorpe park, this is something you don't want to miss! And if you're not into being scared like me, trust me its amazing, you come out feeling so brave and courageous! haha

Aside from the aliens, Madame Tussauds has a brilliant pick of the best celebrity wax work models you could think of; ranging from bollywood actors to sports champions and the royal family. It's startling how life like they all look and your perfect opportunity to get selfies with your favourite celebs that you've always wanted! There's even a chance for you to get a selfie with Kim Kardashian taken on her phone, and you can collect the printed photo at the end!

All in all, great day out with friends or family and lots of fun things to do inside! Make sure you check it out! 


 I went to the launch of the new Aliens Exhibition at Madame Tussaud's - it was my first ever visit. The waxworks are exceptionally lifelike - some more than others. I was half expecting some of them to start moving, or tell me to back off, when I was looking at them up close!  

The Aliens Exhibition is good, but nowhere near big enough. It's also quite scary, as people jump out at you!


Last night was my first time ever to Madame Tussauds, and I went for a lates session meaning no tourists, hurrah! I've always been tempted to go to this attraction, but was put off by the long queues and hefty ticket price. However, I was told hastily by PR staff last night both can be avoided with careful planning. Firstly, go early in the morning, or very late in the day, just before the last entry time. Secondly, get a voucher - there are a stack of them out there on things like cereal boxes, chocolate bars etc. These can be used for most if not all Merlin Entertainment attractions including Thorpe Park, Chessington and Madame Tussauds. A 241 voucher sure makes it a helluva lot more affordable, so get involved.

You'll start off your journey in a sawn off black cab within the attraction. This rather odd experience takes you through the history of London in about 5 minutes. It's a bit weird but in quite a novelty (dare I say 'british humour'?!) kind of way. When you get off, you'll walk through into the events room and start your journey through each section. Take your snaps with your favourite celebs (Helen Mirren was particularly realistic) and head on into the new Alien Escape exhibit. If you've done the ghost train at Thorpe Park you can expect a similar set-up albeit without the virtual reality stuff. It was actor-led fun and a bit scary and we chuckled and/or screamed through most of it. 

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Madame Tussauds. It's definitely a good laugh and if you go with the right type of friends of family members, I'd be surprised if you didn't have a fun time. 


I had forgotten how much fun Madame Tussauds could be. You have to let yourself go, embrace the kitsch, accept the corny, give in to your inner child and play! I love how hands on everything is, you can take a selfie with Kim Kardashian, put your head on George Clooney's shoulder or even look up Marilyn Monroe's billowing skirt, if that takes your fancy.

The crew that work here are friendly and helpful, happy for you to get up close and personal with the figures and take a photo, if you ask.

There are waxworks from every walk of life here; film and pop stars, historical and political people, sports and science specialists. So if you want to kiss Kylie, hug Hawkins, shimmy with Shrek or berate Boris the opportunity is here, all you have to do is lose your inhibitions.....and make sure you take a photo!

Madame Tussauds is always good fun - I've had the chance to visit in Amsterdam, Las Vegas and London now, but London was honestly my favourite. (Yes, even compared to Las Vegas - the figures here are closer to home!).

There's something strange in the sensation of getting to touch wax figures who look like your favourite characters, like putting your finger up Shrek's nose or finally giving Yoda the stroke and hug you've always really wanted to. Then there's the weird feeling of pretending to hold hands with Benedict Cumberbatch or buddying up with the Queen. Why do we enjoy it? Hard to say, but we really do. Undeniable.

London's MT is massive and has enough entertainment to keep you busy for at least a good two hours. We've got the usual crowd of celebrities, sport stars, film characters, political figures and the lot; but then there's the Star Wars, Marvel and now Alien collection too. No one is left unsatisfied - you name it, they have it.

Highly recommend sticking around for the Marvel mini-film too: a fun 3D experience and because it's dark, you can just hide in the crowd of 5-year-olds and pretend you're not really here for yourself. Even though you are.

As usual, grab your fully charged camera and get ready to get weirdly excited about life-size wax figures. And don't be ashamed to touch!


I've never been that eager to go to Madame Tussauds, I just didn't really get the thrill of looking at waxworks of celebs but then Time Out offered a late event with no kids and a drink in hand and suddenly I thought well its something to do and maybe its good. I am aware its a big tourist attraction in the UK so I figured I should check it out. The result is that I was fairly gripped by this experience and would encourage others to give it a go.

I really enjoyed posing like a loon with my other half with each of our favoured waxwork characters. I got to get up close and personal with fake Jonny Depp and my other half got to pose with Barack Obama. It was surprisingly fun.

Our favourite part of the display was the Star Wars section. It looked really good and was et up in such a way that  you could get involved and become part of the set. So much fun to pose with Darth Vader or Chewy on the Millennium Falcon. Literally reverted to my childhood and had the best night ever at this event. 

I did speak to a chap that worked at Madam Tussauds who did say that the late event I went along to was far better than a normal day at the venue as there were only a few people in attendance and so there wasn't a case of half hour queues to have your picture taken with each celeb waxwork. This was a valid point. I've not seen the venue on a normal day but I can understand that it would be annoying to have to wait so long to have your fun. I still think its worth a visit though or keep your eye out for another Time Out late event maybe.


If swarming en-masse figure to figure, to wait minutes to pose in suitably embarrassing manners is up your street, you are in for a treat. Madame Tussauds is a popular attraction in several cities, and I can completely understand. It is a guilty pleasure, which you can create an entire folder of poses with you and your wax boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. 

Very entertaining, I went with family which made the day more fun. 


Went here for the Time Out event 'Madame Tussauds Fashionably Late' and had such a great time! I haven't been to Madame Tussauds, since I was a child so was really excited about this event!

After entering and walking through the cloakroom etc, we were taken up in a lift which opened and then snapped by the paparazzi! We then spent the next 40 minutes or so wandering around the different parts to the museum. Kimye of course have their own wax works, where you can take a selfie on the phone and have it printed by Madame Tussauds! Warning: Kim looks like an absolute beauty so be prepared to feel diminished in her presence haha!

There is then an amazing Fashion Week exhibition where Kendall Jenner is propped up in a chair at a dressing table with lights. We had the opportunity to walk down the catwalk alongside Cara Delevingne watched by the infamous Anna Wintour! They've also added a new 4D Marvel experience which was amazing! Plus the animation was set in London West End!

Overall, it was a really good night and whilst you couldn't get any photos printed or take part in the ride it was a really good opportunity to see the exhibitions without all the Hustle bustle of people and children (no offence). One gripe was that we arrived half an hour past opening time and were no longer allowed a drink which we wasn't told on the voucher offer! Also Madame Tussaud's, if you ever read this, please, please PLEASE, update the Rihanna waxwork...she looks like a sad bushy clown!

Other than that, a great night Madame Tussauds and Time Out. Well done!


I am not into celebrities and I am not at all into looking at random wax figures. Or so I thought! Because I actually had a great time in there.

It’s quite amusing to be roaming around with your friends, trying to recognise all the famous people displayed. You discover more and more figures in every room (this place is massive, you wouldn’t believe). Big up to the fictional characters! I loved being able to hug Shrek…

Talking about the price though. Beware it’s seriously expensive. And I mean seriously. It’s proper extortionate… But if you have a bit money and some patience to deal with a few crazy kids running around, you’ll have a fine time.

We enjoyed our visit to Madame Tussauds Wax museum. The most enjoyable part for me was London Taxi ride. Did not like making a wax hand. The wax was too hot to dip my hand into. The skin on my hand was red and burnt ( like sun burnt) kind of effect Where is the health and safety? The other section that I did not enjoy was the scary chamber. They have actors to dress up to scare people. This horrible figure just keep blocking my way and would not let me cross. When I start pushing her out of the way, she got angry and started shouting "no touching , this is only a job." I think she got a dangerous job there. If it gets too much, visitor may start punching her. That explained why she block my way and not my husband because I am much smaller.

We enjoyed the visit to Madam Tussand. We met both Samuel and Michael, Jackson. This is a great place to hire for a company party, but if the cost is prohibitive you could check out other venue options at or visit the Party Ideas Incubator on YouTube. The statues at Madame Tussauds are so real that you easily start speaking to one before realising that it hasn't responded. Imagine if they took it to the next level and sampled the person's voice and fitted motion detectors and face recognition to sense when someone spoke to the statue, so that it replied and calls your name. Anyone who now develops this idea needs to send me a gratuity. Twitter/bigsands.

Definitely worth a morning! Negatives: Queueing - if you don't book online (which if you want to use a 2 for 1 voucher like we did, you can't), then expect to queue for about 2 hours, this is about what we queued on a weekend in august, arriving at madam tussauds at 9am Scream - a new attraction, included in the general admission price, however, we didn't really rate it, we didn't find it scary and so it just ended up holding up our day and with us having to queue a bit more whilst we were in there, however, there is the option to skip this part, I'd take it! The crowds - obviously there are a lot of other tourists and trying to get a picture with your favourite wax star is a bit of a battle, but certainly not impossible, leave the manners at home and be forceful! Positives Price - we had a two for one voucher which meant it was only £15 each, which is an absolutely bargain, we would have been happy paying £30 each for it, and if you book online or buy tickets as part of an attraction pass it's cheaper anyway. The waxies - obviously lots of fun! The Marvel 4d cinema - fantastic, if you haen't been in a 4d cinema before you're in for a surprise! Taxi ride through the history of London - I think this is the part of Madam Tussauds that changes, but we loved this part and if its counterparts are as good then I'm sure you'll love those too! Tips Make sure you not hungry before you go in as you'll be in there for while! It wouldn't hurt to take a few snacks in with you, you can buy food in there but I'm not sure what the prices are like! We spent about three and a half to four hours there including queueing time, and I'm sure a lot of people linger a lot longer, so allow a full morning or afternoon! Obviously it depends where you're staying as to how you get there, we were staying near Trafalgar square and we found it an easy 25 minute walk at that quiet time of the morning, which saved us a little bit on the tube! Enjoy!

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