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Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge

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Take a walk across the top of London’s most famous bridge with only glass between you and the Thames, 42 metres below

One of the most famous river crossings in the world, Tower Bridge is actually only 123 years old. Still, the fact that it lifts up in the middle when large vessels are passing underneath makes it an icon that most children probably picture in their minds when singing ‘London Bridge is falling down’.

Planes have flown through it, David Beckham has steered a speedboat underneath it and in 1952 a double-decker bus really did ‘leap’ over the gap when the bridge started to lift without warning.

When it was finally finished in 1894 – working having begun in 1886 – Tower Bridge was steam-powered (seriously) and was considered a miracle of Victorian engineering. In 1974 it underwent a transformation, with an electro-hydraulic system installed, but you can still see the old steam engines inside the bases of the towers with a ticket to the Tower Bridge Experience. This also allows entry to the walkways overhead, where you can take in the stunning views, not just up and down the Thames, but of the road below as well. Since 2014 – the bridge’s 120th year – there’s been an 11-metre glass floor in place of the upper walkway, so those with the stomach for it can gaze 42 metres down, or for something special, take part in a morning yoga class.

Besides engines and walkways, your entry fee also includes an exhibition that honours the other awe-inspiring feats of engineering in global bridge design, as well as an art installation as you descend down the ornate staircase.

In peak visiting hours or during bridge lifts it’s not always easy to guarantee what time you will be able to access the walkways, and the bridge lifts actually take place more often than you’d think. Raising Tower Bridge’s two bascules is a service provided free of charge by the City of London Corporation, 365 days a year, night or day, to the relevant registered boats and ships. On average, Tower Bridge is raised 850 times a year, so next time you’re walking nearby, wait and see what happens, as it’s always a treat to see the bridge go up.

By: Laura Lee Davies



Address: Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Rd
Transport: Tube: Tower Hill/London Bridge
Price: £9 (online £8), £3.90 (online £3.50) under-16s, £6.30 (£5.65 online) students/over-60s, free under-fives, free disabled/carers, family from £14.10.
Opening hours: Open Apr–Sep 10am–5.30pm (last admission); Oct–Mar 9.30am–5pm (last admission). Closed Dec 24–26. Open 10am–5pm Jan 1.
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Obviously the views from within the bridge are excellent. But there's also an interesting photo exhibition of famous bridges around the world, as well as enough details about bridge construction to satisfy any civil engineering geek.


Have you experienced the spectacular glass floor across the high-level walkways in the Tower Bridge? You can enjoy an incredible birds-eye view of London from 42 metres above the River Thames. The view is fantastic when looking down to the traffic, people and the river.  The only shame, the glass is dotted and a bit bleary. A similar walkway in CN Tower Canada is clearer but it is not as big as in Tower Bridge.


This bridge is as gorgeous as it seems in photographs. It's massive, overwhelming, and a can't-miss stop on your trip to London!


Tower Bridge is a beautiful bridge to sit near. No matter how many times I've seen it, I will forever stop to photograph!


A visit inside Tower Bridge is great, as well as lovely views across both sides of the river, there is also an interesting exhibition about bridges from around the world. A new mirror has been installed above one of the glass walkways for optimum selfie taking. Included in the price of your ticket is a visit to the engine rooms, showing you how the bridge used to be operated - very interesting. 


Besides being a Victorian masterpiece of engineering, it is also VERY aesthetically pleasing. From any angle, this is a majestic London icon. If you happen to be viewing it from the south side, you can choose either Shad Thames (picture below) or from city hall, surrounded by trendy restaurants. From the north, you can choose between quaint St. Katherine's dock, or Tower of London.

I would suggest a visit to Tower, and then crossing the bridge (and doing a bridge tour), and then strolling along the south bank... to South Bank.


Alongside the Big Ben, this is probably London's most iconic landmark, and it's worth photographing it from every possible angle. I love to see at the distance, and risk to say that the visit to the insides of the bridge is also worth for any engineer - or if you would just like to walk on glass over the Thames river : ) Personally, my favourite way to enjoy it is to grab a coffee or a beer from the different cafes by the river, and admire it slowly on a warm sunny day.


Love this bridge! It's definitely London's most iconic one! Its architecture is absolutely fascinating. If you have time and you're passionate by engineering, I highly recommend the Tower Bridge Exhibition. For a very reasonable price, you can see the bridge as you've never seen it before. The exhibition goes through its history and construction. The Engine Rooms are quite impressive and explain how the old steam machines were operating.  The view from the bridge is also beautiful and shows London and The Thames from a different angle. Definitely a must see! 

If I ever had to pick a favourite bridge in London then Tower Bridge would be it.  Right across from London Bridge station and nestled just before the east end of London kicks in - this is the possibly the most photographed of all London Bridges in the World. 

This is a wonder in the day and even more magical at night when it is lit up.  There are a list of crossing details / bridge lifts, available on the web which means you can time your visit to here to guarantee that you'll get to see the road opening and a ship or two passing through underneath.

If you have the time then most definitely head up to the Bridge Walk, it's less than £10 and you get to see the city from a totally different angle and learn a lot about the design, installation and operation of one of London's favourite bridges! 

You don't have to pay to go up and over the walkway though as the bridge is passable on foot from either Tower Hill underground station or from London Bridge station - just a short walk from either and you can head up and over the bridge alongside the cars and buses.

I cannot recommend spending time close to Tower Bridge whether you're a first time visitor or travel to London regularly, there's something about its majestic grand appearance that just doesn't get old.

Probably my favourite attraction, I love going there in the evening, when you can see all the buildings lighting up the thames, it looks like there's no other place where you want to be. I think this place has got something magic which envolves all your senses. I love walking on the south bank, the view is amazing. This is one of the places that made me fall in love with London. 


This isn't my favourite bridge in London (that delight is saved for Waterloo, which despite being ugly has the most epic view of London in the whole city). That said, Tower Bridge is a firm second favourite. What's not to love? It's architecturally amazing, very pretty and it sits by the amazing Tower of London (and an eyesore hotel, but let's not mention that monstrosity any more). 

When the bridge comes up it's an amazing sight to see and it always captures gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. 


Tower Bridge is an iconic part of London and we enjoyed the view walking along the river from London Bridge station. On a sunny day, it's lovely, and there's plenty of cafes and pubs to stop in for refreshments. We went up into the bascules which feels like a touristy thing to do when you live here but still worth a visit. There are photos and stats of iconic bridges from around the world and a glass floor where you can see below into the river and watch the ships going past. It's slightly dizzying but very fun. Maybe not for those afraid of heights. From there you can take the lift/stairs down on the other side of the river and get to Tower Hill easily. 


Who in the word doesn't know Tower Bridge? It's been photographed, painted, described millions of times. It's one of the most beautiful things you can see in London, so you must go there but here's my suggestion on how to:

Go to London Bridge station. Walk along Tooley St. and then turn left, towards the big dark buildings. From there, you will see a fantastic view of the Tower Bridge, framed by modern skyscrapers. It's one of the things that stunned me the most on my first visit to London. Sooo beautiful! 

Very close to Tower Bridge, be sure you don't miss a visit to Maltby Street Market - the best grilled cheese in London!

moderatorStaff Writer

Nothing screams London louder than Tower bridge, an absolute must see for the tourist and local! 


What does one say about the best bridge in London that hasn't already been said? The architectural marvel was opened in 1894 and was a feat of modern engineering. The walkways were meant to be used for foot traffic whilst the bridge was being raised, however people rarely used it because they were too busy watching the bridge at work! Even to this day, regardless of the vessel, the bridge must be raised to allow free passage for boats (although 24 notice is required and must meet a height restriction!). 

Don't make the same mistake Queen Victoria did (she opted to go to the opening of Blackpool Tower instead, mistake!) -- go and see this amazing bridge. If it's a sunny day highly recommend paying to go up to the walkways, where they have a lot more information about the bridge, its construction, and its sometimes sordid history. 

If the engineering tour is happening (and you enjoy that kind of thing) definitely shell out the cash and do it. Going into the bascules, even if only for a few minutes is an amazing experience. 

If you don't feel like spending the cash, just grab a coffee and sit in Potter's Field on the south side and marvel at the view :)


This is my favourite London landmark. The bridge itself is stunning – this strong and majestic building, silently watching over the Thames, standing proudly with its gothic peaks and bright blue colours. It’s always breath-taking at sunset when it lights up. There are always a lot of tourists around but it is worth the trip!

The exhibition however isn’t worth the money. From up the walkway, the views are nice, but nothing breath-taking (remember the bridge is quite low). The glass floor is fun, as it allows you to see the cars and passers by. But the rest of the exhibit is rather sloppy. Going down the machine room is interesting, but the rest of the information is rather scarce and feels quite repetitive. Better admire Tower Bridge from the ground.


I mean, it's Tower Bridge, what's not to like? I've not been to the exhibition but I've walked across it, photographed it and been on a TFL river boat underneath it! It's iconic and beautiful with that striking blue colour standing out. Take a trip down Southbank and end there or go to the Tower of London to tick another London tourist must-do off the list!


One of Londons most iconic landmarks. The view last from the top are beautiful. There is a glass walk way and you can see traffic underneath you. The exhibition is informative and if you are lucky enough you can see the bridge rise. You can hire the walkway in the evening for private parties and occasions! A definite must for that special occasion!

The bridge itself is a must see! I haven't paid for the exhibition before and don't think you need to really, walking across this iconic bridge is enough on its own!


Tower Bridge itself is an amazing feat of Victorian engineering and the sheer scale of it will leave you amazed. It's well worth a visit if you're in town.

For the exhibition though, at £9 for an adult ticket, the price is a little steep and apart from the great view once up, there isn't really much else to see. The most thrilling part is the chance to step on the glass floor and peer down below. The exhibition is informative and the walls are scattered with information about iconic bridges around the world, how they operate and the different type of bridges.

Once back at ground level, your ticket also allows you entrance to the Victorian Engine room a few minutes walk away. It's easy to find and delves further into the various mechanics that works together to life the famous bridge.

From an engineering perspective, it's fascinating and well worth a look. But personally, I think marveling at this amazing bridge from ground level is good enough.

Went to the Tower Bridge over the weekend and was amazingly surprised with the Glass floor. It was scary at first (I have a bit or vertigo) but really enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend it. 


Tower Bridge (and Big Ben) is definitely the most iconic place all over London. Walk over it and enjoy stunning views of Thames & London. If you are lucky, you may even catch the time that opens and see it fully opened ! There is also the Tower Bridge exhibition allowing you access to the upper part of the bridge (with tickets of course). The exhibition itself is not something special (quite small with some historical info about the bridge), but the fun here is a small part of the bridge, which recently opened to public, having a glass floor. It isn't so scary as you'd expect! Go for it and enjoy the cars passing just below your feet!


My parents got tickets to the Tower Bridge Exhibition as part of their London trip, although I am scared of heights I thought it was a good opportunity to learn more about this beautiful structure.

To put it in a nutshell - I have really enjoyed the trip, although I avoided the glass floor (I snapped a picture, but didn't look until I was safely on the ground again). I would recommend it not only to tourists, but also to everybody living here - as for me it goes beyond the usual touristy sights.

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