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Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

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Time Out says

Visit the studios where all eight Harry Potter movies were made, walk down Diagon Alley, drink butterbeer and step into Hogwarts

Seven books and nine films down the line, the world has lost none of its appetite for all things Harry Potter-related. Which why Warner Bros is keeping the Hogwarts magic alive with their special exhibition, ‘The Making of Harry Potter.’ 

Just north of Watford you’ll find the very warehouses and movie studios that played an integral part in the making of the 'Harry Potter' film franchise. When the crew weren’t at real locations, they were creatively mocking up most of the scenes here in Leavesden. And they’re still standing strong. Given the sheer volume and Potter nerds, Warner Bros decided to leave everything where it was and expand the studios, so other films could still be produced here without interruption.

It truly is a magical place. The props, sets and costumes have been lovingly maintained for what has become a permanent exhibition of the memorabilia. Wander through the workshops, storerooms and life-sized sets that were used for the series.

Make no mistake, fans will be in heaven here. They can step into some of the most iconic locations from the movies: the Great Hall at Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and, of course, Platform 9¾ with the gleaming Hogwarts Express steam train. General cinephiles will also appreciate learning more about behind-the-scenes trickery: the special effects, animatronics and methods by which more outlandish characters were brought to life. 

You can also get your chops around a flagon of butterbeer (don’t worry, as fans know, it’s kid-friendly), and if you fancy taking a souvenir home with you, you can purchase a wand. On top of this, there are seasonally changing mini-exhibitions, so if you fancy a second visit, there’ll be something new to see. Check the website to see what’s on when you plan to go. Gringotts goblins might balk a little at the price, but this will delight the diehard Potter aficionados, and may well convert a few Muggles along the way. 

By: Laura Lee Davies



Address: Studio Tour Drive
WD25 7LR
Transport: Rail: Watford Junction rail then shuttle bus, free parking for ticketholders
Price: £35 adults, £27 5-15s, free (ticket required) under-4s, £107 family
Opening hours: Open daily. Times vary seasonally. Check website for details
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Took my mum here for her birthday because she loves the movies. She had an amazing day out and I have to sa6 that a lot of that was due to the amazing staff at this attraction. My mum is 74 and has a walking aid and the staff were there for her consistently asking if she needed any help or helping her to get on to the ahogwarts Express train up the stairs. It really made an already amazing day out even more special.

It’s a pricey venue but I’d say it’s well worth the healthy price tag. The attraction is vast and it took us 3 & a half hours to get round the entire site. Some great photo opportunities and some lovely memories made. I can’t speak highly enough of this place. Everyone should go there. It genuinely is magical.



That doesn't even come close to the excitement level of coming to this incredible place. I'm a fan, of course, but being here just takes everything to the next level. I've been twice and I look forward to returning to see the Forbidden Forest and the Hogwarts Express! Each time I go, I see something new that catches my eye and my attention - let's just say that you need LOTS of time here. I think on each visit I've spent four or so hours wandering around in awe. You can't help it. The details in the sets, the props, everything are just wonderful to behold. It's a really thrilling feeling to walk through Diagon Alley, or climb aboard a broomstick for a photo, or see the Weasley kitchen... I could go on. But please, just go and experience it for yourself! It is so worth the price of admission! And don't even get me started on the gift shop...!


An amazing attraction and not just for Potterheads!

As a Harry Potter fan visiting the Studios was one of the best days of my life. It was a great feeling to walk in the sets, to have a look at the props, to be wowed by discovering the little details and to feel like I'm in the wizarding world. Although it's a must visit place for every HP fan, anyone can have a great time, because this exhibition has a lot of layers. It's displaying art (sketches, sculptures, typography, architecture), fashion, film making related content (special effect, behind the scene information) etc.

100% recommended!


I adored this! It was great fun to see all the sets and how it was made. It was a bit small and the butter beer is dreadful.


I have to admit I wasn't a harry potter fan from day one, and still haven't read all the books (I know shame on me!) BUT the movies totally swayed me! Therefore, having the opportunity to visit the studios was absolutely magical! Seeing how much effort has gone into the attention to detail for every prop is mind-blowing! There is so much to see and so many opportunities for you to feel like you are in the movies that I definitely recommend you give yourself a good few hours when visiting! Its totally adult friendly as well as children friendly so don't worry if you're not going with any kids! I don't want to give too much away as its such a fun experience, enjoy the surprises that the magical harry potter world brings, and be sure to try some butter beer and sweets at the shops! Believe me you don't want to miss out!

If you are a HP fan you can't not love this! Worth the wait of having to book in advance. Fascinating insight into how the movies where made and all the props and sets behind it. Amazing that a lot of what I had assumed were special effects in fact where customers, robots or props.

I visited the studio with my cousin coming from Italy. Me and her read together the Harry Potter series when we were kids so it was nice to do this together 10 years later. 

Starting from the bus at the train station all the way to the end everything it's amazing and you are filled with joy at any  new discovery. We went during Christmas time so the snow made some of the attraction even more magical. 

We were pointing at things and screaming the name of the movie/book and tried to look closely at every props, object and details of the different rooms. We were with our partners and they liked it a lot as well. If you and your family like Harry Potter you must go. 

FIY it takes 4 hours to finish the tour so if you are with kids I recommend you not to go after 4pm. Our group started at 4 and we arrived back in London around 9:30. If you have a car it might be easier. 

It's organised in groups of around 80 people, so it's never overcrowded. While one group it's in the great hall, the next one is visiting the next area and people from the first group are not allowed where the second is. Don't worry you have plenty of time to see everything and enjoy your time. 

My favorite spot was Diagon Alley, a city I always dreamt about when I was a kid. 


A fantastic trip into the world of Hogwarts, and all things Harry Potter. I'd been looking forward to visiting this for a while, and luckily I only live 15 minutes away!

You first enter the great hall, and as it was her birthday, my mum got to open the doors, which added to the excitement. It's amazing - so ornately decorated, and looking exactly as the film does!

As you walk around the exhibitions, it brings back so many memories from the wonderful books and films. It was great to stand outside the Private Drive house, and see the giant chess pieces. I really need to watch the films again!

The only disappointment was butterbeer - I had a clear vision of what this should look like, and in reality, it was cream sofa with some spray cream on top!

There was a full model of hogwarts, which was amazing - I cant imaging how long it took to craft.

All in all, a very enjoyable day out for any Harry Potter fan (or fan-to-be!)


I have to admit that going to the Warner Bros. Studios was so intense and so inspiring for me. I'm a huge fanatic of Harry Potter and visiting the studios to see the making of Harry Potter was speechless.

I felt like a child again. It was mind-boggling to me. I didn't want to leave.

There is so much to discover and to unravel in one place.

I would recommend everyone of all ages to visit.

I would go multiple times throughout the year. Imagine going back again to see it all without the crowds of children.

The hard work and effort that goes into creating this magical world of Harry Potter is breathtaking.

I just don't know where to start with such a magnificent place like this. Your fixed the whole day with so much beauty and magic that surrounds your trip.

Every step of the way you feel like your part of this story and of the set.

I felt that I was at Hogwarts and to see how all of the eight films were created is truly phenomenal.

The Great Hall was an emotional moment for me. Every little detail was perfectly presented and the costumes/props were the best part.

It all looked so real and to see it in person is another story. I couldn't believe how tall Hagrid was.

You get an in-depth taste and feel of everything magical from all the creations to the finished product from all the Harry Potter films.

The interesting artefacts, the heavily decorated rooms is all there to be seen.

The Potions Classroom, Dumbledore's office, the Chamber of Secrets door, Hagrid's Hut, the Goblet of Fire, and the moving paintings.

What a world.

I mustn't forget the green screens, where you'll get a chance to ride a broomstick.

A personal favourite of mine was Professor Umbridge's Office and her adorable, pink costumes. A dream come true.

I do love pink and I do love cats. If your looking for every shade of pink and lots of cats, then this is it.

Her costumes is to die for, quite literally.

The 'Meeting At Malfoy Manor' set did look incredible. It is dark and suspenseful.

Platform nine and three quarters, the Night Bus, Privet Drive, the Chess pieces, and Diagon Alley is everything that I imagined it to be and so much more.

The masks and the Goblin heads was a creative experience into the making of all these mystical creatures.

The cherry on the cake to complete this journey was indeed the Hogwarts Castle model. Every impeccable, intricate part of the castle is combined immaculately to create the original.

I have no words to describe how I felt by this time. The special effects really added an extra touch to the setting.

I know you'll probably have to book a couple of months in advance, but I promise it will be so worth the wait.

I'm definitely super excited for my next visit in the near future. I can't wait to see the new Forbidden Forest set, Aragog and Buckbeak.

This day, this experience of being at the studios really brought tears to my eyes. The costumes and the sets made a big impact on me.

Enjoy this whimsical, enchanting world of the making of Harry Potter.


Love MD.


I binge watched all of the Harry Potter films before coming to the Studios and it was well worth it! The studio is a magical place for children and adults a like. From walking through the Great Hall to standing outside Harry's home on Privet Drive! Being that close to the set and seeing the detail which has gone in to producing these award winning films is breathtaking.

I am not ashamed to say that I have been here 5 times and I'm planning my sixth for Christmas- I am still not bored of it! Every time you go, you see something new and if you go with different people each time you get a completely different perspective on it all!

If you are a fan of Harry Potter it is an incredible feeling rolling into the car park, such a buzz of excitement just when you are in the queue on the inside- there is so much to see whilst you are stood there it doesn't seem like you are waiting long at all!

I've taken 2 of my classes to the studio tour (I'm a primary school teacher) and it's such a magical place for children- even if they haven't seen the films or read the books! They are still wowed by everything that is there! Which makes it more spectacular for the adults (hey, why do you think I book trips here?!).

The staff are wonderful and even on busy evening meet and greets (I attended one with Warwick Davies) the atmosphere was calm and organised and everyone knew exactly what they were doing! They are clearly Harry Potter fans themselves and even after testing them with the most tricky of questions (to keep them on their toes) they still had all of the answers!

The last time I went was the week before the Forbidden Forest was opened but the new set up felt much better than it has been in the past- especially the green screen area.

The photo/video experience is a must- yes the photo packages are quite expensive- but you can get photo evidence of you flying on a broom- who doesn't want that?! Or you know, if you've just escaped Azkaban, you can get your own wanted posted/mug shot done!

The one thing that I think they could improve? The catering area- at least name your food based on Harry Potter things! They have butter beer though, so you can't complain too much!

I highly, highly recommend this place to everyone and anyone, if you are a little obsessed with HP then obviously you have to go, no trip to London would be without it, but drag your non Harry Potter loving friends with you, at best you will have the rest of the evening planned because they'll want to binge watch the whole of the series with you. At worst, you can go full Hermione Granger on them and bore them with your encyclopaedic knowledge of each book- you know that would make it all the better.

Please, please just take lots of cash- you'll want to buy the whole shop, even though you know it's all overpriced, you'll still feel sad you had to leave that "Monster book of Monsters" phone case behind...

There's not really anything I can say here that hasn't been said before. I went to this as a Christmas present, having booked in December for Easter I had lots of time to look forward to it. It really didn't disappoint. I had so much fun and felt like an 11-year-old (who's still waiting on their acceptance letter!) again. The range of things to see and do is vast, beautifully laid out and presented and peak levels of nostalgia were reached. Butterbeer was as good, if not better, than I thought it would be - I'd love to get myself a personal supplier of it! - and the merchandise range...suffice to say, I spent more than a few galleons... 


Fan of Harry Potter or not, a visit to the Warner Bros Studios is well worth it. To view the incredible amount of detail that went into the sets, props and making "the magic happen" is astonishing, and really fun to learn about. The Butterbeer is, unfortunately, non-alcoholic, cold and way to sweet. It caters to seven-year-olds. Really wish they had an "adult version" as I always imagine Butterbeer to be like a warm, slightly honey-ish sweet ale. Ah well. 

Hate to say it, but the souvenir shop is incredibly overpriced. Sorry WB. Overall, well worth a visit but if you want any souvenirs - BRING ALL THE CASH. 

I don't know about you but I live and breath Harry Potter. I have been a couple of times to the studio tour and the first time I got the Harry Potter covered bus from Watford station which in itself really gets you in the mood for the whole experience. Every detail is thought out, even the ticket hall that's covered in character photographs and is constantly playing music from the film. The staff are really enthusiastic and you can tell they're true Harry Potter fans. It's so incredible seeing the sets, props and costumes in real life. It's hard to imagine just how many hours went into creating such intricate details for each and every piece of the wizarding world that we see on screens. There are often queues but it's to be expected for such an incredible experience. My favourite parts were seeing the hand written labels on the hundreds of wand boxes, the model of the castle used in filming and seeing the robots of the magical creatures. Do yourself a favour and get the butter beer, you won't regret it!


A truly magical experience stepping inside the magical world of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros studios. You won't be disappointed as you marvel through the grand hall and peak inside dumbledore's chamber. Be sure to try a butter beer!


There's few opportunities in this city to feel like a child again, apart from the occasional ball pit pop-up or the ArcelorMittal Orbit. Sure, there's plenty to marvel at and be entertained by but the degree to which the studio tour facilitates these feelings is out of this world. Visiting this place gave me a feeling of being a young girl again, with a whole range of things to discover and be blown away by. Obviously magic isn't real but then again it must be for these kinds of things to be brought to life in such spectacular manner. The butterbeer is a bit disappointing (am I the only one who pictured it like a warm and thick butterscotchy drink instead of a soda?) but apart from that it's just the perfect experience to have, especially in the holiday season when they add tinsel and sparkle to give it all a true Christmas feel. Do make sure you book ahead though, as places go fast, especially on weekends. Even if you're not a Harry Potter fan this place is worth a visit, just to be impressed by the huge level of detail that has gone into making all of this come alive on screen. If you are in fact a Harry Potter fan, well, you do NOT want to be missing this! 


This is a HP fanatics dream!

The obvious downfalls of something so popular/touristy include price, busy, crap food however the chance to see the props, sets and artist sketches trumps the negatives by far. Even for those of us less HP keen WB Studios is an interesting visit with detail on animatronics, prop creations etc.

The butterbeer is a must and I would recommend visiting during a holiday (halloween or Christmas) as they dress the Great Hall etc up.

I am dying to go back since Platform 9 3/4 arrived but 3 times in 3 years might be a bit excessive?

There's no better place in London to go if you are a Harry Potter fan, well maybe with the exception of the Play.

It's absolutely breathtaking and magical. To see how far they went to bring the wonderful world of Harry Potter to life.

I'll definitely return soon!

As a massive Harry Potter fan this was a great day out, I loved every mintue of it. I learnt so much about the films and was great to see so many of the iconic sceans from The Great Hall to Diagon Allay. The butter beer did not live up to expectations unfortunately so I would recommend getting one to share rather than one each as is not everyone's taste. This is a big must for any Harry Potter fan.


A good day out, although I have to say I think I'm not a big enough Harry Potter fan to truly appreciate a large amount of the content. It's a huge place, and you could spend a lot of hours wandering around the exhibits and reading all the interesting snippets of information. Fun to have a little ride on a broomstick too although the queues were pretty long which put us off going for a second ride!

I have to join the thumbs down crew for butter beer though.. Absolutely disgusting. Like cream soda from the 80s topped with cream and toffee!!

Overall a must for avoid Harry fans, and their friends or family.


I should start by saying that I work for the company that runs Harry Potter World, but that the views below are my personal views and not that of my company.  If you're a Harry Potter fan, this is an absolute must.  Even if you're not, this is an interesting insight into film-making and can still be an enjoyable day out for all the family.  PS Butter Beer wont be to everyone's taste so maybe don't buy one each until you've tried a bit!

I cannot believe how much I enjoyed the Harry Potter Studio Tour. 

I ended up going by mistake really as my friend didn't want to go alone and I'm so glad I did! I'm not really the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I do like the books and movies but this experience made me appreciate it so much more. 

The tour is huge! So you 100% get your monies worth, it's really well laid out too so you don't feel like you have to fight to see everything. 

The props were my favourite as you could get close enough to see the detail that went into everything and I truly did feel like I had stepped into Hogwarts. 

The high light was Umbridge's office for me, as again the detail was outstanding and Diagon Alley just made you feel like a kid again. 

I enjoyed how there were things to do to break up the tour as well, like photo ops and the chance to drink Butterbeer! 

A magical experience that everyone will enjoy. 


There are no words to describe how utterly wonderful this is…except that would make for a pretty dull (not to mention short) review so here goes. Everyone will tell you what a great time you’re going to have but I’m here to say that you need to triple that anticipation – it’s a completely fantastic time you’re going to have! There is so much to look at from props to costumes to sets and so much to see from the Hogwarts Express to the Great Hall to the newly opened Forbidden Forest which is, FYI, not suitable for arachnophobiacs but you can skip it if you ask. It’s interactive with chances for you to ride a broomstick, travel on the train to Hogwarts and practice your wand skills. It’s warm & comforting peering into the Gryffindor Common Room or the boys dormitory and it’s dark & foreboding in Snape’s potions room or seeing Voldemort suspend Charity Burbage above a table.

There’s so much behind the scenes information that you just want to drink it all in and it’s this attention to detail which will extend your stay from the few hours you thought you’d be there to the six or seven hours you actually do spend there. Some of the visuals are stunning – Umbridge’s office will leave you hating cats and loathing pink all over again while the Ministry of Magic will take your breath away with its stature and grandiosity. Diagon Alley is my favourite part of the tour whilst the moment I turned a corner and saw a scale model of Hogwarts while the theme tune swelled to a crescendo around me brought tears to my eyes…I know, I know! But you go and tell me it didn’t do the same thing to you!

It’s easy to get to; an hour out of Euston Station to Watford Junction from where a shuttle bus will pick you up and drop you right at the studios. It will also send your excitement levels up another notch as your beaming face looks out at people going about their Muggle lives in the suburbs it passes through.

It’s incredible value for money. Just under £40 for a ticket might not sound like the most bargainous of days out but when you consider you can spend as long as you want there and it has literally everything the biggest super fan could want to see, it’s worth every single penny. One of my biggest tips would be to take your own lunch as the choice in the on-site cafeteria is the one thing that could be improved – this place is a mecca for kids yet they serve pretty much burgers, hot dogs & fries which seems a tad unimaginative. That said, definitely save room for Butterbeer which is beyond delicious! Creamy, sweet & fizzy, I could have drunk another straight after the first except I was already buzzing off my seat with a combination of sugar and adrenaline!

Every single member of staff is excellent. Patient & passionate, nothing is too much trouble for them and they’re an amazing source of information. Part geek, part friend, total Potter-phile, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing they can’t tell you and nothing they won’t do to make your visit better in any way they can.

If you’re any sort of Harry Potter fan, this place is a must visit pilgrimage waiting to happen. Not only does it leave you feeling full absorbed in the world JK Rowling created, you’ll leave feeling warm, fuzzy and full of exhausted, cosy satisfaction on the train home.


An absolute must for all Harry Potter fans. This is the ultimate way to relive all of the magic you experienced through the books and then the films. My friends and I spent around 4 hours at the studios - it isn't for the faint hearted. However, with twists and turns at every corner, this experience really evokes the magic and wonder of the books. A great walk down 'memory' lane as it were, and a fantastic way to spend a day. Try to go around Christmas time, as the seasonal decor really adds to the experience. Last but not least BRING A CAMERA - there are photo opps galore here!


Often when I write reviews I wish there was a more sophisticated way than one set of 5 stars. 

As a family of 6 who are all Harry Potter freaks we had the best time last weekend visiting the studios. It exceeded my expectations so much. The detail and care taken in making the films and the clear love of Harry Potter comes through so strongly and has made me want to watch all the films over again. Each of us had a great time - and we ranged in ages from 54 through to 10, it truly felt magical and childlike. You could spend many days there and still find things to look at. 

But there is a huge BUT, I haven't felt so fleeced for a very long time. Paying for a family of 6 is eyewatering enough but to find that the shuttle bus costing £2.50 each, photos costing £14 each, the restaurant being super expensive and don't even get me started on the shop. A lovely family day was almost spoilt when there was nothing affordable in the shop. The sweatshirts are £47! If I was starring for attitude it would get zero! 

I'd love to recommend it and to go back but given how much it set me back that is so unlikely and that is pretty sad. Warner Bros need to take a leaf out of Disney's book and treat customers with a little more respect.

That said muggles - get your broomsticks out and head on over because even after feeling like I might not eat for the rest of the month I am glad we went.


The Warner Bros. Studio Tour ranks as my all-time favourite day out in/near London. Taking you on a journey through the making of the Harry Potter films, it's not only an interesting and insightful look into the filmmaking process but an opportunity to wonder at the feat of imagination these books and films represent. If you're anything like me, you'll leave feeling so grateful that JK Rowling exists! You must book tickets in advance, so don't just rock up on the day. There's ample parking (it's also easy to access via a shuttle bus and train combo). If arriving by car I'd recommend making a HP playlist and blasting it as you drive up. The parking attendants just love that (note the heavy sarcasm). Highlights include the model of Hogwarts Castle, the Knight Bus, and getting your photo/video taken on a broomstick and in the flying ford anglia. You can try Butterbeer, but share one between your group - they're so sweet that buying one each tends to be a waste of calories and money. It's a fantastic day out for any HP fan, or anyone who's interested in the way films are made. Don't miss out!

Who can argue with a day out in the world of Harry Potter?  One of my friends told me about the Warner Bros studio on Teepee, my new fav recommendations app. It was great for the whole family and I'd say the adults get just as much out of it as the kids (in my case, probably more!)  The tickets are pricy but on the whole it's worth it.

 Harry Potter was my childhood. They were the first books to capture my imagination, as they were for many in my generation. Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan (the films OR the books) should book to visit this warehouse of magic and memories. The tickets are expensive, but the experience is priceless. You get a glimpse into the workings of one of the most successful film franchises of all time, and see how the films went from page to screen through artwork, props and special effects. I went to visit during Christmas time, which was extra special with themed magical decorations making the day even more immersive and thrilling. Make the most of your day and act like a kid again: fly a broomstick, catch the night bus or sit in the Weasley's flying car.

It is pricey but if you are fan of Harry Potter you will love it, you feel like if you are in the movie


Not strictly in London (in fact a 40 minute overground + 20 minute bus journey out!) but otherwise this is an incredible day out! Having been a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan since the age of 7, this place is an absolute dream and a perfect representation of the magical world I grew up with. Whether you're a huge Harry fan like me or whether you just like films, the Harry Potter studio tour is 3-4 hours of non-stop interesting exhibits and experiences, with the opportunity to ride a broomstick, see everything down to the Owl-O's cereal packaging, the concept art and the chance to board the knight bus. This is absolutely incredible and leave you feeling properly enchanted! Expensive, but soooo worth it... though you need to take out a loan to purchase anything in the gift shop!

Staff Writer

I, a proud Ravenclaw, love Harry Potter. Now that's out of the way, I can tell you that this tour is a must for any fan of The Boy Who Lived. Stepping into The Great Hall is quite an emotional experience, wandering down Diagon Ally will give you tingles and seeing Hogwarts will bring a tear to your eye. Seeing all of the props, costumes and sets will make you feel one step closer to the films and you'll experience real magic... movie magic but magic none the less.

That was the first time. The second time I attended, I still had fun but as it was supposed to be the Christmas experience, I was left a little disappointed. There was a Christmas tree and a little snow but that's about it. 

This is definitely something you have to do once if you enjoyed the films but I really wouldn't recommend going twice or if you do, make sure you leave it a long, long time before going back.


I recently went and as Harry Potter fan I have to say it was absolutely amazing, Seeing all the effort that went into making the movies that can be easily missed regardless of how many times you've watched them. It makes you feel like you're part of that world even if it's just for a second which is always worth it. It's not particularly cheap, but if like me you grew up with the actors and the movies then I can't thick of a better way to spend a day.


I recently attended the Dark Arts special in the Harry Potter studios and it did not disappoint.  Having been before I was always keen to go back and explore how they made my favorite films of all time.  There were death eaters roaming around the main area and an incredible set from Malfoy Manor.  If you have been during the day on a normal time of  year you must visit again when the attraction is themed as they put such amazing effort to make the sets fit the theme.  

The only downside is the price of the tickets and any of the merchandise.  This needs to be for a special occasion and not something you can visit often.  

That said, each part of the experience is amazing and a must see for Harry Potter fans.  There are so many hidden secrets to learn from asking the staff too ;) 

Staff Writer

Went here with the kids and even the 7-year-old, who's only seen two of the films, absolutely loved it. Walking through you can really appreciate the incredible attention to detail evident in the props and sets. It's a real lesson in thoroughness. This isn't just a look-but-don't-touch exhibition though and the Studio has been careful to encourage engagement through knowledgeable tour guides and interactives. Kids get a passport, which they stamp at each section and they also have to keep an eye out for the golden snitches hidden in nooks and crannies around the sets. You can get a lesson in wand knowhow, or climb aboard the Hogwarts Express on platform 9 3/4, and outside, just beyond the café, is the triple decker Knight Bus, a section of the Hogwarts suspension bridge and 4 Privet Drive. Best of all you can pretend to drive Hagrid's motorbike and the Weasley's Ford Anglia.

We also met the food prop-makers, who are sitting in Diagon Alley everyday until September. You can play guess the real/fake food game (we got it wrong most of the time) and ask them loads of questions. 

Staff Writer

This was one of my christmas gift from my partner - who was not a Harry Potter fan before he meet me - and an amazing day out. I recommended it to other friends and the opinion was unanimous it is a well worth experience. 

You get to see and walk through different sets of the movie, see some of the amazing work the team has done through the years and even have some butterbeer (it's disgusting but who cares lol). Basically for a few hours you have an immersive experience in Harry Potter magical world and you get to see Hogwarts, creature effects, props, costumes, etc. 

The only reason I'm giving it 4 starts is that a month after I discover they use owls on these tours (they were not there on mine so this was unknown to me) which is just unacceptable. Even J.K.Rowling has spoke against it so hopefully they've stopped it. 

I just want to start by saying that if I could give this experience more than five stars, I would – it’s that good - and not overpriced at all when you factor in how much you get to see. I’ve been twice and still don’t feel as though I’ve seen everything! The first time I visited was a few years ago when it was all quite new, and while it was busy (it was the middle of the school holidays), it wasn’t heaving, I guess because of the timed entry.

Visited again recently to see the Hogwarts Express - awesome to see it up close - and enjoyed myself just as much as I did the first time, so would definitely recommend going! A few things to bear in mind: get an early slot if you can (did I mention there’s loads to see?!), leave plenty of time for the gift shop (it’s vast) and definitely chat to the staff there, because they’re all really friendly and really knowledgeable.

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Even as someone that hasn't seen many of the films, this is a pretty fascinating look at the years of work and painstaking craftmanship that go into producing the blockbuster movies we so casually enjoy. There are tons of intricate props, sets and behind the scenes stuff to geek over; if you like DVD commentaries or 'making of' things, this will definitely capture your attention.

My favourite bit was where they displayed some of the 17,000 glass spheres had been individually hand-crafted for a particular scene, with the explanation concluding "In the end, the director decided to use a digital effect instead." Those poor glassblowers!

Four stars because it is pretty expensive. Oh, also, if you think "butterbeer" might be a sort of beer-like thing, it's pretty much liquid butterscotch.

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