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A bar and restaurant in Holborn where you can eat, drink and play ping pong.

Allegedly located on the very spot that the game was invented, Bounce is a ping-pong bar that serves up a night of competitive fun in an edgy industrial-chic space. The restaurant, safely out of reach of wayward ping-pong balls, is raised on a platform overlooking the drama unfolding on the 16 tables below. A selection of antipasti and pizzas (straight from the wood-burning oven) provides players with ample sustenance.


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Bounce says
Bounce's 12,000-square foot venue showcases 17 bespoke designed ping pong tables, a restaurant and cocktail bar combined in a beautifully striking space by award winning interior designer, Russell Sage. Bounce has established itself as one of the most iconic venues in London and one of the most fun!
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Venue name: Bounce
Address: 121 Holborn
Opening hours: Open 4pm-midnight Mon-Wed; 4pm-1am Thur; noon-1am Fri, Sat; noon-11pm Sun. Meals served 6-10.30pm Mon-Thur; noon-10.30pm Fri-Sun
Transport: Tube: Chancery Lane tube, Farringdon tube/rail or City Thameslink rail
Price: Main courses £12-£14. Set menu £17 2 courses, £20 3 courses
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Ayrton S
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I guess I was fairly surprised about this place. When i heard it had opened a couple of years ago, i dismissed it as another fad bar. And since that time i had been avoiding Bounce. To my own detriment it seems.
After reluctantly agreeing to go with a friend who assured me it was 'amazing', three of us popped in for friday night drinks.
And blow me dead, wow. Absolutely loved the place. What an amazing atmosphere!! Unfortunately we were a little late to get a ping pong table but there did seem to be a table that anyone could join in and play on anyway!
We stayed from 7.30 until it closed and yes, i will be going back again.

Marianne K
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I really love Bounce, have celebrated my birthday there for the last two years & plan to again next year. I recently chose Bounce as a venue for a second date; drinks & a game of ping pong worked well. Always a lively atmosphere with really friendly & helpful staff. There is a decent selection of bar food & the restaurant is pleasant with great pizzas. Bounce ticks so many boxes; a fun night out with friends or a work outing as well as great for a smaller crowd like a date night!

Janice W
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Been there twice with my daughter while visiting her and found Bounce to be a friendly, clean and relaxing establishment to eat in. The food has always been amazing and served to the table with a smile.

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Great concept, great bar. Fantastic atmosphere, everyone is happy (which makes a nice change). Ping pong balls flying all over the place, but lots of space and you can still talk to your friends... A little bit pricey - I think it was 15 quid for 30 minutes of 'ping pong' but worth it. Miles ahead of its rival 'Ping' in Earls Court........

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A great relaxed atmosphere with a good choice of music. I went there with friends on a Saturday night, possibly one of the busiest nights there. Despite it being busy, the staff were still friendly and helpful and even managed to get us another ping pong table after our reserved one!

Milly E

It's hard to be totally enthusiastic about Bounce due to my incredible lack of hand eye co-ordination meaning i'm an absolute trainwreck at ping pong. 

However, Bounce is way more than just a ping pong hall. It's got a great bar and plenty of space and booths to sit and chat if you're not assigned to a table or currently playing. 

I went with work and I would definitely say its more of a corporate vibe (well let's call it work parties for fun start ups and young agencies rather than a place to hang out with your friends) - but perhaps that just me. But its definitely a great place for a team night out!

Dean M

These guys always aim to impress and manage to do so with style! I love this place.

Yasmin B

This place is absolutely MASSIVE! Really well laid out, loads of booths near the ping pong tables so you can put your stuff down and order some drinks whilst you’re playing. Brilliant music and a really good bar area for after you’ve finished playing. A super fun place to go for a night out with a group of friends, or for a relaxed date.


Zoe F

I had heard great things about this place and I love places offer something a bit different and bring something new to the table (no pun intended), so was happy to give this place a go. We came on a double date, so there was 4 of us – but the other couple were set up, like a blind date, and this setting was ideal combination of sit down talking and fun activity.

So firstly we got here for 6:30pm and sat in the restaurant area over the back of the main ping pong bar area. We asked our waiter when there would be a ping pong table available for us he said 9pm. We thought this sounded a bit long but agreed to it nevertheless, as we’d gone there specifically over anywhere else with the intention of a promise of a game after dinner, so thought it was worth the wait. Just a note, you cannot prebook for groups less than 6 people but they keep a number of tables unreserved for walk-ins, though it does get very busy – it was only a Tuesday when we were there!

Waiters were attentive in getting us drinks and service was good for our food. I had the “Posh Hawaiian” pizza which had ham hock, caramelised pineapple & fresh chilli so was a welcome twist on of my favourite standard toppings. As we had time we also then had desserts, I had warm salted caramel chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream which wasn’t the best I’ve had, it was a little underwhelming, but nice enough. One thing I thought was a bit strange was the location of the toilets, they literally couldn’t have been any further away from where we were sat, I had to walk from the restaurant past the bar whilst dodging balls flying all over the place from surrounding tables back over to where we had entered the building – unless there were some closer I missed, this just seemed a bit unnecessary.

Then before we knew it, it was 9pm so we were shown to our ping pong table. We opted for an hour on this which was a good idea, as we haven’t played for years it took us a while to get into the swing of things. There were only 2 bats, but obtained some more easily enough. You’re also allocated 2 small buckets of balls, but don’t worry you’re not got to be too responsible for these, they do end up all over the place and they have people there to collect them and restock your buckets. The atmosphere was really enjoyable, didn’t seem like people were taking things too seriously – well we certainly weren’t at least!

They priced everything up on a tab which we paid at the end, it came to just over £35 each which is on the pricey side but also given the location and the novelty factor I thought it was okay for the food, drinks and overall experience – wouldn’t be something I’d do on a weekly basis, but as a kind of one off I didn’t begrudge paying it.

Violet M

At Bounce, the place be bouncing - okay, excuse the terrible pun, but Bounce really is a fun night out! 

Been twice now and both times really enjoyed the experience. Instead of just going to the pub for after-work drinks (which, of course, I love), it was different to go and play some ping-pong with friends. An entertaining and some-what mildly active way to unwind after a day at the office. Plus they had Blue Moon ON TAP, which for this Californian-born gal, is something I rarely get to come by. 

Drinks weren't overly pricey for location (central London) and the pizzas we got were pretty good as well. Nothing spectacular with the food, but the main focus is the ping-pong & beer. The only downside is at times the place is very, very loud and it's quite difficult to hear. Otherwise, a fantastic Friday night out! 

Elisa R

I had heard about Bounce many times: all of my friends were mentioning big venues where you could play ping pong for way too much money but ended up having lots of fun.

I went to Bounce Farringdon for the 90s party they held on Easter Sunday. Due to its peculiar date, I assumed the place would be empty. WRONG! After being handed a plaited flashy friendship/luck bracelet, I entered a room full of people by the time I got there, around 9.30pm.

The venue is huge and filled with about ten ping pong tables that people were queuing at while having a drink. For this specific night, you didn't have to pay to play which was pretty damn good. I'm quite bad at ping pong but people were happy bending the rules and playing according to my abilities which I found very friendly. I was worried it would be world champion after world champion taking it seriously but it wasn't the case.

The only negative comment I'd make about the night is that the music wasn't great. I was there for S Club 7 and Nirvana that I just didn't get.

Finally, they also have a restaurant part and serve loads of cocktails that I'm afraid I didn't try.

If you're interested in organising an event there, you should know that they have a private hire room that looks pretty neat.


We went to the 90's party. It was very cool, we've never been to Bounce before so we didn't really know what to expect. We don't really play ping pong so that didn't appeal to us as much, though we did enjoy watching other people play (quite entertaining). Drinks felt a bit pricey, we both got different draft beers that tasted quite watery, which was disappointing. 
Overall unique fun experience.

Tiago Almeida

Went here for a 90's party edition.

We had the famous ping pong tables but also Nitendo 64 games like Mario Kart and several others.

In the TVs you could see several clicks for famous 90s shows like Gladiators, the original TMNT films, Tamagotchis and etc.

All combined with 90s music.

Great night, had loads of fun!

Kemi O

I think Bounce is a pretty great spot! Very 'buzzy' and a really fun environment to be in. The food in the restaurant is of a pretty good standard. I had a rather large (and tasty) pepperoni pizza and didn't feel overcharged when the bill arrived. The waiters were very helpful and friendly but it took a little while to get our bill, (likely because the place is always so full!)

Myself and my friends had a great time playing ping pong, and the energetic atmosphere contributed to the overall vibe of the night. You should definitely make sure you book ahead if you are planning on playing ping pong, because you are unlikely to get a table if you show up anytime after 7pm. Ping pong is a little on the pricey side, and it takes forever to get a drink from the bar, but ultimately it's a great spot to have some easy fun and some good food.


Normally I wouldn’t opt to play ping pong purely because I’d feel bad about embarrassing my friends to onlookers with how terrible I am. But unfortunately, I had to go for a work event and teamed with 8 other colleagues, we commandeered 2 tables for a couple of hours and displayed our ping ponging prowess! Thankfully, I was paired with someone rather good so just stood there most of the time. Although, when I did hit it, it struck some poor unassuming bystanders!

Despite my lack of table tennis skills, Bounce is a pretty cool place, lots of space to play and provides food & alcohol. The staff were pleasant and you were never short of balls, I’d go back for drinks and to spectate rather than play! Maybe if we were allowed to play beer pong?

Staff Writertastemaker

Really fun venue that has remained busy since opening, I think it draws a bit of a birthday-party-office-bonding crowd so can be a bit daunting in a smaller group but in the quieter times its well worth the visit.

We visited on a Saturday night and the ping pong tables were busy but well manages, the booths were hard to get if you wanted to stay for rinks but we managed to squeeze in, really glad we did because the gin selection was absolutley perfect. Really vast selection of rare gins and well made cocktails to boot. It's pricey but high quality- a nice surprise for a sporty kind of venue!

The pizza restaurant out back is relatively good too, so its easy to make an evening of it here. I also love the building- its huge, hidden away underground and beautifully kit out with old tiles- if you like that kind of thing!

Livvi AT

Sport and alcohol- an iconic partnership and one which is celebrated at Holborn’s Bounce- the ping pong bar.

There isn’t a huge amount to say about this venue apart from the fact it is awesome. For as little as £5per hour, you can reserve a table tennis table and pretend you’re a pro while drinks are brought to your table and your ball bucket is continually refilled by the friendly staff. If you are quite nifty with a paddle or struggle to get it over the net, it really doesn’t matter. This bar is tons of fun and even if you have to wait for your table, the atmosphere is electric that you don’t mind the overpriced drinks menu.

Bounce also hold a variety of special nights and events which have always been a hoot. Their Anti-Valentine’s day party is great for those who wanted to escape the hearts and doves and have drinks with friends. Their UV nights are also a spectacle; the lights go down and everything is aglow.

Be warned, your competitive side may turn nasty especially when fuelled with beer, but this spot is a winner. 


I didn't really understand the draw of Bounce until I went there and experienced it myself. I've been there for work nights out and also for birthdays. Tread carefully, your inner competitive streak may come out more as the drinks flow! Overall though, a brilliant atmosphere, good food & drinks and depending on the time you are there a UV party to blame your poor ping pong skills on. 

Julie R

I went there recently for a work do where we had booked 2 tables for an hour.  There were about 15 of us, taking turns on the 2 tables and there were plenty of ping pong balls around so you didn't have to go hunting around for them.  You get a decent amount of space to play, but we found that a few people would stand by the nearby tables, so getting in the way a bit.  We stayed on after for drinks and ordered a couple of pizzas.  The food was pretty expensive and there was not much choice.

Overall, we had a good evening and would definitely go back there again.

Margaret D

Love love my fav bar and the one in Shoreditch is fun to. Friendly staff, great mix of drinks, and added perk is the Ping pong itself.


You can play on a table that was used in the London 2012 Olympics! What more endorsement does it need? This is a great alternative to sitting in the pub with your friends for an evening. Instead, you could find a ping pong ball floating in your beer. What's not to love?

Adam W

I love the smell of ping pong in the morning, why wouldn't I love Bounce!

Santos M

The venue is great i have never seen that before great service great food and amazing ambiance GREAT BOUNCE!!!

Vlad P

Fantastic place with amazing atmosphere, great food, perfect cocktails and good service. On top of that you can play ping pong. The best place to hang out with your friends and colleges. You can even bring the whole family if you would like.

Hannah P

Had a brilliant time here on 17/10 as part of my birthday celebrations. There were 12 of us around 1 ping pong table for nearly 2 hors and we had the best time! The bar was buzzing with laughter, drinks were good and they even had the rugby on. Such a great place, we'll definitely be going back!

Latarra H

I have visited Bounce on numerous occasions and I have never been let down! Friendly service and quality food and drinks.

Guy Parsons
moderatorStaff Writer

Actually a really fun place. Great to take friends to when they're visiting London.


This is an example of a great idea that could have been executed much better! Admittedly, we visited on the Saturday night, which is probably the busiest time of the week, but it was just too noisy and crowded, too many people who had too much to drink, too much waiting around and too expensive drinks that the little fun we had could not justify.

Paul C
Staff Writer

Bounce is great fun, i've been here a few times for work events. It's mostly occupied by large parties - usually groups of office workers in the area. As such, getting a table by just walking in is pretty much impossible. If you're looking to play some serious table tennis then this probably isn't the place for you but if you're looking for something a bit different to regular work drinks then you'll no doubt have a great time smashing a ping pong ball at your colleague's head!

Staff Writer

What's not to love about a bar with ping pong and pints?!

Hidden underground in Holborn, Bounce is a great concept and a very popular venue for groups of friends wanting a bit of friendly rivalry and competition.

You'd be surprised how much table tennis you can fit into an hour or two and afterwards, the drinks are reasonable enough that you're happy to stay for a few.

It can get really REALLY busy and unless you book a table well in advance, you can expect to be waiting up to an hour sometimes for a table but I guess that is testament to how popular it is.

It has swamped quite a few imitators, but most don't match up and Bounce is still the gold standard for this kind of bar.

Love it!

Louise B

Went to Bounce on Saturday night for a joint birthday and it was amazing.  Great atmosphere.  The party hosts were excellent and kept a large group interested and entertained.  I'm telling anyone who will listen to try this place and can't wait to go back.

Rob L

Bounce is great for a fun night out - table tennis, drinks and food all in one place (and at the same time if you want it)! I organised a work do there for 40 people,  and the reservations team were very helpful & efficient, making it easy for me and ensuring it was all set up to run smoothly. On the night, the service was fantastic given how busy the place was, and our table staff very attentive. Have been several other times, either for a birthday or for abit of 1 on 1 - always had a good time, dealt with friendly staff, and enjoyed the food - definitely recommend.  

Gregg Kantor

Tried to book a private room here for a birthday celebration. I was told to pay £100 booking fee (non-refundable and not deductable off the bill) and the £1000 minimum spend at least 7 days BEFORE the booking. I offered to have leave my card behind with a pre-approved limit of up to £1000 behind the bar to make up any shortfall to the £1000 minimum spend but was told the 'policy' was to take £1000 cash up-front. I have eaten and dined all over London, at chefs tables, in larger groups and at places where they stood to lose a lot more than £1000 from a broken reservation. I politely refused and booked instead at Ping which was a great experience.


Awful and rude customer service, especially from the manager. Very aggressive tone.


So if you turn up with more than 4 people they wont allow you to order side orders, so I had to have my fish by itself. Poor service and a kitchen that cannot cope with Food orders. A gimmick of a restaurant that will soon die down and become a statistic