G-A-Y Late

Venue name: G-A-Y Late
Address: 5 Goslett Yard
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Ct Rd
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I have been coming here for the last 14 years to Gay Bar and Late but GAY Late is becoming worse and worse. From the door staff to the clockroom the attitude is bad.Even the customers have diva attitude!You are not in a posh place remember! My friends and I decided to boycott this place finally. Do not do the same mistake as me for years by going there to save few pounds on drinks. Bye Jeremy Joseph and his diva staff! I will only remember Astoria...

I've been to this place many times and i always thought the door staff were completely unprofessional and rude. However 2 days ago I decided I will not go back to that place ever again because of these security people. I went there with my friend, we met up straight after work arrived at about 11.30. Once we got there we had to go through a bag and body search from the two security people at the entrance. The guy searched my friend since he is a guy and the coloured woman searched me. Everything was alright until we got to the cloakroom were we realized we didn't have enough cash to leave our jackets. The staff told us not to worry and go to the ATM across the road, get some money out and come back without waiting in the queue. When we came back, literally 5 mins later, we had to go through a bag and body search again. My friend was searched first by the man and I was just waiting behind him. In the meanwhile, that lady came close to me and i though she wanted to check my bag while I was waiting, so I opened it and showed it to her like I always do. She completely ignored me, didn't say anything, didn't search the bag, then gave me a bitchy look and left me wondering what I had done wrong. After that, she pulled her colleague to the side, told him something and they both came back pulled my friend from the cloakroom area (who was there because he was told he was fine and he could go inside) and told us we are both too drunk to go inside. Wtf was all that about?? Not only I didn't have anything to drink all day since I went there straight after work, we were checked and allowed to go inside one time (my friend two times) , they tell us to go to the ATM across the road and then they tell us we are too drunk? How did I go from sober to drunk in less then five minutes? They could even see me at the ATM from where they were standing. They knew where I went. What is wrong with these people? Not only that, my friend was checked and then pulled back because that stupid bitch told her colleague something. Like, didn't that man realize he was drunk the TWO times he checked him? This place is a joke!! I promised myself I'm never going back, I've been getting looks and rude behavior from these people nearly every time I go there (Every week) but this incident was out of order. Never ever again!! This place does not even deserve a second chance!! I was putting up with they're behavior, particularly with that coloured lady's behavior for a long time because I really liked the place but after this never again. Well done G-A-Y late you just lost a very good customer and all her friends who came with her every single Friday. What a shame.

The Door staff are incredibly rude. Firstly one bouncer started off with an arrogant attitude towards me and my group of friends and then later that evening whilst queuing for the toilet we were told we were "Too drunk" and then followed into the toilet. When we came out three bouncers waited for us and the bouncer who had been on the door pulled my arm back in a extremely aggressive way and pushed me out of the club and against a wall. The came along a female bouncer with just as bigger attitude as the male ones and claimed that I ASSAULTED her!! What a joke. My friend who doesn't drink and had a glass of water with her was also told she was "Too drunk " and was kicked out too. When we complained not one member of staff cared and even went as far to laugh and smile at us. This is so disgusting and will never be coming here again and will be making sure anyone we speak to knows just how rude and violent the door staff are here. STEER CLEAR!!!!

Went to GAY before hand had two drinks nothing else before that queued for GAY late for 30 minutes only to Be rejected by the most ignorant staff you can find on the door saying there were 2 out of the 5 of us who could go in while the rest of us were too drunk to go in. GAY late needs to really rethink their staff if they are not happy working nights and dealing with drunks then why are they working there. For a bar that opens for midnight are you not supposed to be able to have a few drinks in another bar before you go in??? Waste of time and all the way from Ireland to experience this sh*t

People before us were drunk and drinking in the queue and they were just let in, just cause we were having a joke between us and laughing they said we were too drunk.