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London's ten best pub quizzes

Looking to test your knowledge and strain your brain? Here are five of the capital's best pubs with quizzes

© Paula Glassman

There's nothing more British than a pub quiz, and London has plenty of fine showcases for tavern-based trivia. Here are ten of Time Out's favourites, including options for those whose specialist subjects are worthy of 'Mastermind', and some that are just fun excuses to spend a weekday evening in the pub. Although these are regular nights, it's worth calling ahead to confirm the quiz is on before you and your team head out. Know a great quiz we've missed? Use the comments box below.


A varied but well-crafted set of questions make up this general knowledge quiz, lead by a chap in an armchair who looks about 25 but has the wisdom of a wizard. The food menu has special offers on quiz nights to help keep energy levels up.

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The Lexington

Organised by Rough Trade shops, the Lexington's pub quiz is one for the music geeks. It's far from serious stuff though, as the potty-mouthed quizmaster guides you through some pretty silly rounds, including one based on Bob Holness's 'Blockbusters'. A multipack of crisps goes to the team with the best name, as judged by a not-at-all suspicious 'clapometer'.

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Pembury Tavern

A quiz for the sort of people who shout out the correct answers while watching 'University Challenge', thanks to its obscure rounds. Even a team packed with boffins will find questions on the subject of, say, martial arts a challenge. The quizmaster's excellent waistcoats should help keep up morale.

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The more unusual variety of subjects and some very challenging questions keep this popular north London quiz appealing, so the prize – all the evening's entry fees – is usually worth striving for. Jackpot and raffle rounds mean that every team gets its moment, even if your score is more likely to lurk around the bottom of the league.

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Kentish Town

Tufnell Park Tavern

Five rounds on a variety of subjects are delivered by a deadpan quizmaster at this laid-back quiz, where the majority of teams are looking for a nice evening out, rather than the opportunity to crush the opposition.

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Tufnell Park

Island Queen

A solid four rounds of general knowledge questions make the Island Queen's quiz a great choice for a team with varied interests, while the competitive atmosphere manages to stay just the fun side of tense.

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Old Queen's Head

With rounds that involve paper planes, rude drawings and kazoos, this isn't the quiz for straight-laced fact fans, but it is a blast. The quizmaster is billed as 'truly outrageous', and teams are playing for a cash prize, though you'll have a job finding personnel to provide the full range of specialist skills required to win.

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Bedford Tavern

3 out of 5 stars

Absolutely no cheats allowed here – mobile phones must be put away for the duration – but this quiz is actually a lot of fun. A broad selection of questions ends in teams getting a chance to gamble their points in the final round to get to the cash prize, and if that doesn't work, there's a raffle with a separate prize afterwards.

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This excellent music quiz has a monthly slot at Jerusalem on Rathbone Place, but also makes appearances at other venues and festivals. It's more likely you'll end up dancing inappropriately to a song you'd forgotten existed than naming every track of a Bob Dylan album, so come braced for fun. Rounds have included 'Does Liking This Record Make Me Uncool?' and 'Down Wid Da Kidz'.

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You'll get an interactive experience at this famously difficult film quiz where the questions are asked using projections, sound clips and posters. It runs monthly at the Boogaloo, but now also makes appearances at the Ritzy in Brixton. There's no maximum team size, which is lucky, as you'll likely need all the movie-buff help you can get.

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