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London Fields
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11 London spaces where you can barbecue like a boss


Yes, we’re well aware that the sunshine we’ve had of late might be our lot for this summer. But we can enjoy it while it lasts – and nothing quite beats the triumphant taste of burnt bangers in the great outdoors. So if you want to get a barbie going but don’t have a garden, here are 11 places in the city where you can get your sizzle on. 

Highbury Fields, Islington

We’re all for killing two birds with one stone, and at Highbury Fields, you can chargrill your chicken thighs on a sunny day while your quads feel the heat too. Just remember that sunscreen. You want your food crispy, not yourself.


Caledonian Park, Holloway

Caledonian Park has got so much time for your barbequing endeavours, it even has a Grade II listed clock tower. Use it as a handy timer for your grills – or to see how long the sun stays out to play.

Cantelowes Gardens, Camden

This little Camden gem is tucked away from the hustle and bustle you’d normally expect from NW1. It’s also home to a cool skateboarding park, which means you can put both your burger and board flipping skills to the test. 

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Waterlow Park, Highgate

Hampstead Heath is a no-go for finding your inner Aussie and throwing shrimps on a barbie. So your next best bet is to wander east to Waterlow Park. This underrated green haven is ready for you to line up your kebabs and show north London who the real barbecue champ is.

Gillespie Park, Highbury

Not a Gooner? Rejoice! We’re about to give you another reason to visit Arsenal’s old stomping ground. The barbecue area of Gillespie Park is a pretty nature reserve that’s small, cute and welcoming to your smoky grills. We can put footballing rivalry aside for that, can’t we?

Paradise Park, Islington

Meat, beers and weekends – it pretty much sums up paradise. And what better place to enjoy a boozy barbecue than a park that self-proclaims such a heavenly state? 

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Whittington Park, Archway

Bet you didn’t think there was more to Whittington Park than its football pitches and feline topiary? Archway’s finest green space is also open to your barbecuing desires. We’re no experts, but we believe a cat of that size might fancy a nice piece of fish on your menu. 

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London Fields, Hackney

Weekends in London Fields mean that every blade of grass is occupied by a hipster in a charred-meat coma. It’s probably London’s most popular green space for a smoky feast, so make sure your most reliable mate heads there early to reserve your grilling territory. There nothing sadder than a pork chop that didn’t meet its destiny. 

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Burgess Park, Southwark

Provided the weather holds up, June, July and August are good months to barbecue. This is something that those who flock to Burgess Park fully comprehend, as it has designated barbecue areas – with a mixture of permanent barbecues, picnic benches and spaces for you to place your disposable trays on. Play by the rules so you and your tribe can crack on with nothing to worry about. 

Beddington Park, Sutton

Before you ask, yes, this cheeky little suburb is still in London. So we’re giving its family-friendly barbecue area a chance to spark your attention. Beddington Park offers a stunning backdrop for when you squirt ketchup all over your shirt (because we’ve all been that overly eager hangry mess when those sausages are FINALLY ready). 

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Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn

This central bit of greenery is usually flooded with Holborn office types between 1pm and 2pm or a sunny weekday afternoon. But you can hit up Lincoln’s Inn Fields anytime outside these hours – or the weekend – for a chargrilled feast (unless you fancy upstaging your colleague's packed lunch when you're back in the office...).  

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