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12 London Instagrammers succumb to wisteria hysteria

Guy Parsons

A dozen London Instagrammers have tragically succumbed to seasonal virus wisteria hysteria.

© a_ontheroad

The fragrant climbing purple flower lures its victims in with it's highly shareable appearance. 

© klavaivanova

 Shortly after uploading their wisteria photo, death is certain as their eyes simply cannot even. 

© ralphandrose_

 Authorities recommend avoiding key areas such as Kensington, Richmond, Hampstead, and other areas you fortunately can't afford to live.

© staceystockwell

 If you do encounter wisteria, quickly scuttle backwards like a frightened crab, shrieking the mantra "These flowers are just fancy wall dirt! A bin-bag is the place for these fetid petals!"


Friends don't let friends photograph wisteria. Even once is too many.

© theprettycities

R.I.P everyone concerned. 

© in_and_outside_london

© in_and_outside_london

© andrea.inloveinlondon

© learninglondon

© petite_sacha

© cdrillera

© peppyhere

Keep track of the latest victims at the hashtag #housesofldn_wisteria.

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