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14 unbearably hideous photos of wisteria in London

Written by
Guy Parsons

It’s currently wisteria season in London, as foul purple flowers burst forth from sinister climbing vines and depraved Instagram addicts flock to document the disturbing ‘phenomenon.’


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Many viewers may find the following scenes distressing:

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Has God forsaken us? For surely these vile building snakes were not part of His creation: 

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An insult to the laws of nature:

Such frightening facades as these often cause passers-by to vomit in terror:

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Once seen, it cannot be un-seen, no matter how hard you try:

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Several photos were removed from this article, and subsequently banned by the Government:

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Wisteria are ‘deciduous climbers’ which is Latin for ‘disgusting climbers’:

I pledge my vote in the election for whoever promises to rid us of this detestably-hued scourge: 

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Where will it grow next? On your HOME? On the face of your MOTHER? All up inside your SEX PARTS?

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God help us all.

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