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29 incredible photos of London commemorating the Great Fire

Guy Parsons

This weekend marked 350 years since the Great Fire of London gutted the heart of the city. And to commemorate the occasion (and celebrate the capital's triumphant return from the ashes) Artichoke arranged a series of spectacular events across the city in their Great Fire 350 / London's Burning programme. It was pretty damn hot.

On the Thames, a giant wooden replica of the 17th century city was set ablaze.


A photo posted by @kimtoker on

Transforming this:


A photo posted by Nat (@natchace) on

Into this:


A photo posted by Ben Pentreath (@benpentreath) on

Huge crowds turned out to watch.


A photo posted by Carrington (@carringtonmoore13) on

The towering inferno took nearly an hour to burn down.


A photo posted by FB (@fbphaudio) on

Which lit up the night sky for all to see.


A photo posted by Holly Wadsworth (@hwvisual) on

And casting an orange glow over the river.


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It got pretty intense...


A photo posted by Jamie Eagles (@jamieaeagles) on

Until finally, all was consumed.

Watch it happen in two minutes...

Meanwhile, the roof of St. Paul's Cathedral was given a pyrotic projection.


A photo posted by Laku (@lakudavies) on

The famous dome appeared to be swirling with flame.


A photo posted by FluidLondon (@fluidlondon) on

Giving it a decidedly ominous appearance.


A photo posted by kaleidoscope17 (@kaleidoscope17) on

Like from Millennium Bridge.


A photo posted by Dimitar Hristov (@dimitar_hr) on

Outside the Tate Modern, a three-day fire festival provided an awesome spectacle.


A photo posted by Ben Johnson (@bassmanphotography) on

Full of swirling, burning sculptures.


A photo posted by @pizzaplanetdan on

Spinning pots of flame:


A video posted by Emma C (@emziec85) on

Beautiful hanging lanterns:


A photo posted by Dave (@dstamp81) on

Glowing globes of red hot coals:


A photo posted by simon bayley (@simonbayley) on

Angry chimneys:


A photo posted by Jack Sandham (@jamsandwich) on

And a magical combination of fire and water...

Whose magical contradictions...


A photo posted by Rosie Horton (@rosievhorton) on

Confounded the public.


A photo posted by thecobbledroad (@thecobbledroad) on

From torches to blowtorches...


A photo posted by Wendy Yu (@wenwendy_yu) on

With the very air aglow...


A video posted by Steve (@never_fear_new) on

And selfie-friendly Rings of Fire:


A photo posted by Maeva Boillat (@maevaboillat) on

It was, in short, a pyromaniac's paradise.


A photo posted by Katherine Mora (@k4thmora) on

Elsewhere, you could spot inferno-inspired projections:


A photo posted by Artichoke (@artichoketrust) on

Underwater performances of 'normal life' depicted resillience in the face of adversity:


A video posted by Artichoke (@artichoketrust) on

Requiring incredible control from the performers:


A video posted by sheloanichols (@sheloanichols) on

Giant lanterns lit up Guildhall:


A photo posted by Jon Curnow (@curns) on

While finally, a four-mile long domino topple (see the full thing!)...

Reached a fiery conclusion...


A photo posted by John Regan (@darthregan) on

With dramatic results.


A video posted by MoollonKyen (@moollonkyen) on

It really was a blaze of glory.

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