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33 sweet things you'll see when you walk along Regent's Canal

33 sweet things you'll see when you walk along Regent's Canal
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Stretching from Paddington to Limehouse via Camden, Islington and Hackney, Regent's Canal is really pretty nice. It's a shade under 9 miles long, which means it's eminently walkable in a single sunny day, especially if you stop at one of the many fine pubs, cafés and restaurants along the way. And apart from a short detour near Angel, you can follow the towpath nearly the whole way. Here are just a few of the nice things you'll see as you walk it west-to-east...

Catch the tube to Edgware Road and start your walk from Paddington Basin.


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Soon you'll wind up at the Little Venice junction with the Grand Union Canal. Nip through Rembrandt Gardens...


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Now you've reached the actual Regents Canal. Onwards!


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 OK, you've only walked 500 metres. But there's a cool café on a bridge, so pop in if you like!


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The canal disappears into a tunnel, but follow along at street level, and return to the waterside here:


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 Aww yeah. Then there's a bit more like this...

 Then you'll find yourself walking through Regent's Park – in fact 'in between' two parts of London Zoo. You can see the big Snowden Aviary looming over you.


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 As you leave the park, you'll see Feng Shang, a Chinese Restaurant on a boat.


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And after that, a Pirate Castle! (Do pirates have castles?) Anyway it's actually a youth club themed after marauding sea thieves.


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Then you might stumble upon this excellent, turf-and-flower-covered barge... if it hasn't moored up somewhere else by now.

Sweet. And then... congratulations, kid, you've made it all the way to Camden!


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That calls for a drink, or maybe buying a crap t-shirt. (Personally I spent £1.80 on a bottle of water.) Once you're ready to continue, navigate around the gaggles of Italian teenagers and follow the water.


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Wander over this exciting walkway:


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 Then you get to St. Pancras Lock, which has an adorable cottage alongside:


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 Then you get to this cool old gasholder which has been turned into a little park...


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 And soon enough you'll be at Granary Square's green green steps.


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It's a pretty spot!


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You could also stop off here to eat at Dishoom, Caravan, or Grain Store (who also have an excellent bar.) Or keep it strictly canalside at The Lighterman.


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 You can also find Word on the Water, London's floating bookshop!


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Carry on a bit further, and oh no! What's that ahead? It's a footpath-free tunnel is what.


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 Not accessible to landlubblers, you'll now have to schlep briefly through Angel. Until, oh joy, you're back again!


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Aww yeah.


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There are also very many delightful bridges – about 51 by our count.


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 Sometimes they have random stuff underneath.


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 Somehow, as if such a thing is possible, you will by now be in Shoreditch?! Grab some sustenance from the Towpath Café:


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Or just a little further and you'll be within spittin' distance of Broadway Market!


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Refreshed? Soon you'll find yourself strolling along the edge of Victoria Park:


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Before skirting along the edge of Mile End Park:


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Almost there!


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Until finally your journey ends...


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At Limehouse Marina! 

Lying just beyond, you'll find two Thames-side spots to celebrate the end of your mildly-epic expedition – Gordon Ramsay gastropub The Narrow or Ian McKellen's pub The Grapes. Cheers!


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