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5 great reasons to live in Kingsbury

Time Out Reader Takeover contributor

Living on the edges of London doesn’t mean missing out on the best of the city. We asked Time Out readers from Zone 3 and beyond to share the reasons they love their neighbourhoods. Here, Rebecca Akrofie explains what's so great about living in Kingsbury

How long have you lived in the area?

‘All my life! I really like the local parkland. We’ve got lots of preserved country parks at Fryent, Stanmore and Blackbird Hill.’

What makes your neighbourhood different?

‘Kingsbury was modernised into a suburb from a rural area in the late 1920s, but it still has a preserved locale called Roe Green Village. It’s so picturesque, with a village green and cute cottages. Some of the conserved buildings still have thatched roofs!’

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Any historical buildings in the area?

‘The old Coach House, in what is now Roe Green Park, was where the inventor of the television John Logie Baird received the first picture broadcasts from Europe in 1929 and first combined sound and picture transmissions in 1930. It’s now a nursery.’

Where do you go for a drink?

‘My favourite pub is the local Wetherspoon’s on the high street. It’s cheap, cheerful and has a good mix of locals.’

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What do you like to do in the area?

‘The Welsh Harp in Blackbird Hill is a must visit for a ramble. You can go tadpoling or kayaking and, in summer, people sunbathe on the banks of the lake with the Wembley Stadium arch looking magnificent in the background.’

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