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60 percent of Londoners have had a dispute with their landlords

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Has your washing machine been broken for the last month? Did you have a nice cold shower this morning? Join the club. A survey of 1,000 Londoners by found that 60 percent of people have had a dispute with their landlords and to be honest, we're surprised it isn't more than that. The research also showed that 100 percent of London renters would like to see the new mayoral candidate do more to protect renters, but that's a bit of a no-brainer unless you enjoy shelling out a clean £1,500 a month for something that resembles (or possibly is) a cupboard.

If your landlord has mysteriously fallen off the face of the earth just as you're meant to be getting your deposit back, you're not alone. Not content with pocketing all our hard-earned cash on a monthly basis, two thirds of Londoners said that their landlords have held onto their deposits for no apparent reason and 25 percent said their deposits did not go into a deposit protection scheme. Although we could probably help ourselves by getting a bit clued up on the law of the land, as the survey found that 67 percent of people don't know their legal rights. But hey, we're all busy people, and some of us have been a bit preoccupied trying to get our washing machine fixed.

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