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A Brazilian cheese balls pop-up is coming to London

A Brazilian cheese balls pop-up is coming to London

Pão de Queijo. ‘What’s that?’ I hear you cry. A wheat-free Brazilian cheese bread, duh: a staple snack found across the country, made from cassava flour and cheese, a crunchy outside giving way to a cloud-like interior. Sounds ace, right? Right.

Well then, you should hot-foot it to Old Street station, because Druid Street Market’s eminent South American grub seller Dona Rita will be plying commuters and snack-savvy patrons with these cheesy orbs via a two-week pop-up.

The stall’s balls are made with a secret family recipe, perfected over 15 years. Here, they’ll be dished up with toppings such as cream cheese (yes) and strawberry jam (like a bastardised scone, they reckon). The kicker? They’re gluten-free, too.

Prices range from £2.50 for three balls, up to £8 for 12 (but clear your freezer: a bake-at-home pack is a mere £5 for 15). Estupendo!

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Ali L

You can get them at the Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo all the time! There's a stall called rio tropical kitchen that cooks them fresh on site! 

Laetitia B

I didn't know Pao de Queijo until friends introduced me to it. I was very impressed and seduced at the very first taste! You can tell there are only quality and healthy ingredients used. As well as the cheese taste, I love the slightly-firm-outside and fluffly-inside texture, especially when it's all fresh and warm straight from the oven. 
I don't mind paying a bit more for quality products so i think their prices are fair. I have also tried the frozen packs which works really well too. My housemates always want to steal them from me because they love them so i think it's a success and thanks Dona Rita for sharing Brazilian love with us here in London.

Naďa W

They're £4.50 for 6 balls actually. They cost about 4p/ball to make at home (+ electricity), if that. Pretty expensive for what it is, didn't blow my mind or my taste buds, so didn't take the frozen ones home.