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A company is crowdfunding to replace all the adverts in a tube station with photos of cats

Written by
Hayley Spencer

Dog lovers, look away now. The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service aka C.A.T.S (geddit?) is hoping to raise enough money to cover all of the adverts in a London tube station with pictures of cats. They've even mocked up branded New Romantic-style posters to show you what could be if cat lovers get behind the cause (pictured above).

They've done their research and apparently it's legal. 'We've asked, and they actually will. We can turn an entire station into a roaring festival of cats. If we raise £20,000 we can do a whole platform in one of the smaller stations – any higher and we're in the big leagues,' their crowdfunding page reads.

And it's not just about the group's collective love of cats, they also want to wage a war on consumerism. Slightly ironic considering they're asking you to part with your hard-earned cash in order to do this, but hey. 'It’s exhausting being asked to buy stuff all the time. Wouldn’t it be great not to worry about the holiday we can't afford, the car we don’t need, or the body we don’t have? Imagine a world where public spaces made you feel good.'

They also add: 'We are not here to make money or sell anything. We're here to help people think a little differently, and perhaps C.A.T.S is just the start of something.' Sounds ominous.

If you're on board with this furry takeover then you can donate here. Give £100 and you can even get a photo of your very own cat plastered on one of the billboards. Fame for your moggy, at last.

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There was a giant sand sculpture of the cat in Brockley.

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