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A dog has been spotted skateboarding through a park in Stoke Newington

Written by
Katie McCabe

Sk8er doggo in Clissold Park yesterday

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We know what you’re thinking: skateboarding dogs? Haven’t they been around since the birth of YouTube? True. But it’s pretty rare to see a viral sensation skate right by your doorstep. 

On Easter Sunday, a freewheeling french bulldog was caught on video skateboarding through Clissold Park to cheers and laughter from a small crowd. He can be seen pushing off the ground with his back paws to gather speed before jumping back on the board to whizz through the playground. Look at the little guy go!

There was no owner to be seen, but the lawless pup is thought to be ‘Eric Spock Maclean, an internet star who knows his way around a half-pipe. 

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