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A ‘Game of Thrones’ supperclub is coming and it’s called The Red Wedding

A ‘Game of Thrones’ supperclub is coming and it’s called The Red Wedding
Game of Thrones © HBO

GoT fans: Halloween just got a lot more exciting. On Monday October 30, a ‘Game of Thrones’-themed supperclub is popping up in the City, and it’s called The Red Wedding. If you don’t know what The Red Wedding is, don’t even bother reading on: this is not for you. If you do, we’re 95% sure the organisers won’t *actually* slit your throat at the table. It is billing itself as an immersive recreation of the blood-stained wedding though, with ‘surprises’, so there’s always that thrilling element of chance.

Featuring a five-course meal of dishes from the ‘A Feast of Ice and Fire’ GoT cookbook (yes, this is an actual thing), there’ll be a medieval folk band to serenade you and a troupe of costumed actors re-enacting key moments from the episode. Which sounds kind of amazing and kind of awful, doesn’t it? Most importantly: customers are encouraged to come in costume. So you could go for episode accuracy and dress up as Sir Walder Frey, or live your best life and go as Khaleesi.

The Red Wedding is on 30 October at Proud Cabaret in the City, 1 Mark Ln. Tickets are available via this link.

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Wayne Y

I've just received a reply from Didier using the email

I've been offered free tickets to another event with a free bottle of proseco.

Not the refund I wanted but at least it's an offer of sorts.

I recommend contacting Didier.


DO NOT GO TO THIS! I still can't believe just how bad this night was. We should have walked straight out when we were offered a small piece of ripped up baguette to "dip" into salt as a welcome snack, and that was probably the best food we ate here. We paid £50 and I've honestly never eaten a meal of such low standards before. Everything was cold, bland, pre-cooked and simply disgusting. Dessert was 5 blueberries, weird cream and some sort of oat biscuit the size of a 10p coin. This was served as dessert at a meal that cost £50! The "acting" was pointless. It most definitely was not an "immersive recreation of the blood-stained wedding". Nothing was amazing about this event, the whole thing was awful. I complained to numerous members of staff on the night but no one seemed to have a clue what was going on. My friend has been trying to get in touch with the organisers for a refund but no one wants to take responsibility.

Georgina Q

I've complained to TimeOut about this event also. Had a TERRIBLE experience and it was nothing as advertised. I also contacted Proud Cabaret who advised that it was only the venue and had nothing to do with the organisation (i believe this was confirmed by a 'manager' on the night who said catering was bought in from outside. From what I've read about PC it's an amazing place which is a shame since it would have been nice to try their food instead of this so called catering service that service cold food and overcooked meat which looked like it had been taken precooked from a packet. 

The supper club (you can find their page on facebook) are also yet to reply. We were given the following email address on the night to complain to which you may find helpful - Yet to hear back from them as well

Wayne Y

I've now received a reply from Timeout and unfortunately their response is a cop out as they have said the venue need to deal with the issue and its nothing to do with Timeout....this is pretty much the response that myself and 30 other people received at last night's venue.

This is not the response I would have expected from a company like Timeout and I urge anyone who had the same problems as I to complain to Timeout.

Wayne Y

I completely mirror everything Kristina has mentioned. I've emailed Timeout to give them the opportunity to rectify this but unfortunately I haven't received a reply as yet.

The actual evening needed to move at a faster pace and it pains me to say that the acting was awful.

Kristina D

PSA: Don't waste your money. We were told we would get 3 free drinks when we bought our tickets only to be told we wouldn't get them when we arrived. Management did nothing to rectify the situation other then send an email to higher ups. The wine list was out of stock of the first 3 bottles of wine we chose to purchase to go along with dinner. We weren't even offered water to go with dinner. We weren't showed to our table upon arrival and after fruitlessly searching we had to ask for help. There was at least a 30 minute lull between each course and over an hour wait between 3rd course and the main meal. We decided to leave just after the main course as there was little to no entertainment during our whole stay and didn't want to waste the rest of our evening for what was sure to be a mediocre "finale". There was no table service at all. The food was a disappointment and not quite the 'banquet' it was made out to be. The only decent part of the evening was the band.

Wayne Y

Hi Kristina, would you by chance have proof that Timeout sold this event with 3 free drinks with every ticket purchased?

I've looked at the original link and surprise surprise I’m unable to read it as it's now expired.

Thanks Wayne