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A giant camel and a purple octopus: If you only see one exhibition this weekend, make it this one

Eddy Frankel

Carsten Holler, credit the artist and Marian Goodman

This morning we went to the first day of Animality at Marian Goodman gallery. We expected the usual group-show bollocks – a gallery trying to shift all the shit it couldn't sell at Frieze art fair but BOY OH BOY were we wrong. What we found instead was a museum-quality bonanza of art about animals. There were sixteenth-century illustrations of multi-coloured crabs, a purple octopus, a film of a dead horse and then a massive sculpture of a white camel. There are some incredible artists involved (Steve McQueen, Roni Horn, John Baldessari? Yes. Yes please), and loads of scientists and films. It might be the best show we've seen in a commercial gallery all year. Maybe. Whatever, just go, it's the best trip to the zoo you'll ever have.  

John Baldessari, credit the artist and Marian Goodman

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