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A huge new Star Wars show opens on Friday – but please leave your lightsabers at home

By Time Out Film

A massive new Star Wars show opens at the O2 in east London this Friday. But any Star Wars super-fans looking to dress as your favourite characters need to read the fine print before heading to North Greenwich to see 'Star Wars Identities'.

If you read the FAQs section of the show's website, there are strict rules about what costumes you can and can't wear to the exhibition.

So, while visitors are encouraged to dress up as whichever Star Wars characters you fancy, you're not allowed to wear any masks to the show. Here's what they say: 'While visitors of all ages are welcome to wear Star Wars-themed costumes to the exhibition, helmets or masks covering part or all of the face cannot be worn.'

Okay, no Darth Vader masks or full head-to-toe Stormtrooper outfits in the show, then – which is fine, as you're encouraged to check them into the cloakroom at the venue.

Oh, but what about your lightsaber? Can you bring that?

Sorry, folks, read this: 'No it is not permitted. Out of consideration for other visitors, all replica weapons and other props are also forbidden inside the exhibition.'

So, you're encouraged to wear what you want to arrive at the venue, but you'll have to check any masks and props at the door.

Enjoy the show, and may the force of co-operation be with you.

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