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A pub powered by fish is opening in Shoreditch

A pub powered by fish is opening in Shoreditch

A fully sustainable pub is coming to Shoreditch – and it’s powered by fish. Okay, that sounds absolutely bonkers but it’s actually kind of brilliant. The brainchild of Ed and Tom Martin, who run The Long Arm Brewing Co, this is a pub with a micro-brewery and an urban farm on-site – a fish farm.

Here’s how it works: the beer in their brewery is made of grains, and any waste grains are used to feed the fish (sustainable, see?). The fish eat the grains and poop them all back out again, and that poop is used to fertilise the pub garden, where Ed and Tom grow all the fruit and veg they use in the pub kitchens. The final step in the sustainable-fish-pub circle of life is that the fish will be transformed into delicious fish tacos and burgers and fed to lucky pub punters like us. Which we find a bit tempting, and just a little bit revolting, if we’re honest. Sustainable, though, eh?

No opening date has been announced yet, but watch this space for more details.

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Bradley N

"Powered by fish" makes this sound as though they're harnessing energy created by fish - they're not.  They're simply an 'eco pub' which admittedly is a less appealing title, but more factual - wouldn't you say?? 

Anna M

I'm all over this! Beer & tacos with no milage sounds like the dream.

Nice one guys!

Anna N

With all due respect to being so hyped with "saving the environment" rhetoric this doesn't sound cool at all

Having the (fish)cake & eating it too...that's one pub i'll stay away from.

Marie C

I was liking it.. up to the point where they got eaten. Now I know I won't be able to go in there and look at all the fish facing their doom.