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After Meryl, will this be the most political Oscars ever?

Tom Huddleston

Meryl Streep's firebrand speech taking Donald Trump to task for mocking a disabled reporter rocked Hollywood earlier this week. While a few voices took Meryl to task - the President elect himself even went so far as to tweet that she's 'overrated' - most reactions were positive. George Clooney stepped up to defend Streep's 'right forever' to speak out, while Robert De Niro penned a lengthy and heartfelt open letter praising his former co-star's bravery. 'What you said was great,' he gushed. 'It needed to be said, and you said it beautifully. I have so much respect for you that you did it while the world was celebrating your achievements.' 

So has Meryl opened the floodgates for other stars to speak their minds about America's most controversial President ever? The Oscars have a history of speechifying, from Marlon Brando sending a young Native American woman to collect his award in 1973 to Michael Moore attacking Bush in 2003. This year's awards could be the most fiery yet - but which of the glamorous attendees are likely to speak up?


George Clooney He might not be up for any awards this year, but surely he'll be on the red carpet. And if they ask him up to hand out a gong, expect Gorgeous George - husband of a prominent human rights lawyer - to go nutso on the new Prez.

Viola Davis Another performer who loves to speak her mind, Davis feels like a shoo-in for Supporting Actress following her Golden Globe win for 'Fences'. If history repeats itself at the Oscars, expect fireworks.

Ryan Gosling This one's hard to call. Former Bernie Sanders supporter Gosling is likely to score Best Actor for 'La La Land', but he's never been exactly big on the speechifying. Will he seize the moment?

Emma Stone Never gonna happen. 'La La Land' star Stone may be having her moment, but she must be keenly aware how precarious any young actress's position is in Hollywood. She'll play it safe, for the sake of her future career.

Jeff Bridges If cantankerous old Jeff snatches the Supporting Actor gong for 'Hell or High Water' we could be in for a good time. A long-time lefty who's never been afraid to speak out, Jeff is liable to have a few choice words for the President.

Mel Gibson If Mad Mel somehow wins Best Director for 'Hacksaw Ridge', maybe it'll be Meryl herself in the firing line. A lifelong conservative with a long and troubled history of speaking his mind, Mel could take this opportunity to lambast Hollywood's left wing. Now THAT would be something to see.

The 2017 Academy Awards take place on Feb 26, and we'll be covering the winners, losers and big speech-makers in details right here.

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