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‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Mr Show’ star David Cross says he’ll tour next year (and has a rant about Shoreditch)

Written by
Ben Williams

Yep, while you’re patiently waiting for a (possible) fifth season of ‘Arrested Development’ (and a movie, too? – that's the rumour, at least) you can look forward to seeing David Cross – aka Tobias Fünke – in London in 2016.

We spoke to Cross recently about his new Netflix series, ‘W/ Bob & David’, which sees him reunite with his ‘Mr Show’ co-star, Bob Odenkirk, and we asked the 51-year-old comic what else he has planned.

‘I’m going to go on tour in North America at the end of January,’ he told us. ‘And then I’ll probably break it up with some European and Australian dates, so I will definitely be back [in London].’

Cross has spent a lot of time in our capital over the past few years, and he recently popped up at some small, cheap comedy clubs to test new material. But it’s been over a decade since he last performed a full-length stand-up in London.

‘The last time I did, like, a theatre show was Soho Theatre and that was quite a while ago,’ he said. ‘So this will be my first proper tour in quite a while. And I’ll be doing other places outside of London, so I’m sure I’ll hit a number of spots in the UK. No more £5-a-ticket shows, though. These are going to be proper £25-a–ticket shows – so start saving now. But it’ll be a better set; a polished, longer set – so it's a trade off.’

We happened to be at one of those £5-a-ticket comedy club gigs last year, and Cross was on sharp, loose form. He was staying in Shoreditch at the time, and opened his set by saying he ‘owed Williamsburg an apology.’ What did he mean?

‘To me, the most humourous aspect of all of it is the uniqueness that people seem to wear on their sleeve,’ he explains. ‘Yet it’s not unique because everybody is doing it in the same square-mile radius. It’s almost like an Amish community, but it’s hipsters. The thing that’s funny about it is this attitude of “aren’t we cool and unique and special” and you're like: No, you’re not! I mean, maybe if you went and dressed like that and lived like that in, like, pick-whatever-part-of-the-UK-I-haven't-been-to-yet – the coast of Devon – OK, great! It’s like a theme park: you get to see all the guys with their red-wing boots, their Levis, $500 Japanese denim jeans tucked in just so, cuffed at just the right length… Opening up a place that serves cereal for dinner, which is wonderful and precious and unique and fun and light and special, but if you’re all doing that then it ceases to be special any more.’

Cross’s London dates haven’t yet been announced (or even confirmed) but as soon as they are we’ll let you know through the @TimeOut_Comedy Twitter.

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