The Time Out London blog team

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The team

Sonya Barber

Sonya is the news and events editor at Time Out London. She spontaneously combusts if she leaves the confines of the M25. Follow her on Twitter @sonya_barber

Isabelle Aron

Isabelle is the blog editor at Time Out London. She has a hate-hate relationship with the Northern Line. Follow her on Twitter at @izzyaron


Matilda Egere-Cooper

Matilda looks after the Blog Network for Time Out London. She's partial to running marathons but only does it for the bling. Follow her on Twitter at @megerecooper.

James Manning

James Manning is the City Life Editor at Time Out London. He left London once but he didn’t much like it so he came back. Follow him on Twitter at @jamestcmanning


Guy Parsons

Guy is the social media manager at Time Out. He lives in Nunhead, surely the greatest neighbourhood in London. Follow him on Twitter at @GuyP

Rosie Percy

Rosie is the social media producer at Time Out. A fan of animal videos and Toto's 'Africa', you'll find her posting puns and pictures of food on Twitter and Instagram at @rosiepercy.


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