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Benedict Cumberbatch visited a New York café dressed as Doctor Strange... and no one cared

Ellie Walker-Arnott

When Benedict Cumberbatch was filming 'Doctor Strange' in New York earlier this year he popped into a comic book store dressed as the surgeon-turned-superhero and sparked a selfie frenzy. And it turns out that wasn't the only time he's taken to the streets of NYC in character.

The 40-year-old 'Sherlock' star also donned his red cape to drop into a coffee shop. But he didn't get quite the same adoring reaction, or, indeed, any reaction at all... 

'I had some friends who were around on Saturday and they were like, "Wow, oh my god, you’re actually playing a superhero!"' Cumberbatch recently revealed. 'I said, “Let’s go to a café," and we went to this café around the corner.'

'And you know that scene in "Ghostbusters" where Rick Moranis runs up to the cafe in Central Park, being chased by the Dog of Doom from the building? And he goes, "Help me, help!" and bangs against the glass? And everyone in the restaurant sort of drops their cutlery and turns their head and looks? And he squeaks down the glass going, "Please, help me?" And there’s a silence? And you cut back to the dining room and everyone goes, "Anyway, I was saying, Marjorie just had her face done…" That’s pretty much what happened in the café.'

'By the time I left, it was like, "Hey, thanks so much, here’s a tip!" It was just a normal thing,' he told Entertainment Weekly

Give that stunt another go in London, Cumbers, and we promise to be suitably excited. 

'Doctor Strange' is in UK cinemas October 25. 

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