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Bet you don't know about... cold brew tea

Written by
Mike Curle

What happened - did you hit snooze on the teasmade?

Nope. Forget PG Tips: cold brew tea is a different kettle of fish. Only without the kettle (or the fish). Instead, it’s tea steeped in cold water for full-on flavour.

But this is England. We're tea purists.

Then you’ll love it. It’s a brew without the baggage (literally: it’s loose leaf ), so no fruit infusions, no sweeteners and no milk.

No milk? I'm outraged!

No, you’re probably just over-caffeinated. Relax with a soothing Darjeeling, Keemun or oolong cold brew.

Oh, go on then. Where can I buy it?

Twig Teas offers all of the above varieties on its website. A pack of six costs £18.

Now you're clued up on cold brew tea, here's everything you need to know about kombucha.

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