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BREAKING: Bob Geldof is taking on Nigel Farage in a Thames boat battle

Written by
Alexi Duggins

You may have seen our article yesterday about Nigel Farage's bonkers plan to wreck London traffic in an attempt to persuade Londoners to back Brexit. Well, things just got weirder.

Warfare has broken out:

According to bystanders, the police are getting involved (hard to tell whether it's true from this video, TBF, but you know: it is DEFINITELY true).

Also the Port Authority have apparently asked Bob Geldof to turn down the volume on a huge soundsystem playing Chicago's 'If You Leave Me Now':

 Some Londoners are booing the boats (well, one Londoner at least from the pic):

But the thing we're most baffled about? It seems that Boris Johnson's sister is on Geldof's flotilla. Why? Is she incensed that his economic arguments against the EU mean that he's flip-flopping harder than a sumo in poolside footwear? Or that his rhetoric against Turkey totally contradicts the fact that he once campaigned for its inclusion? We have no idea. But BOY are we loving this!

Follow the whole thing with the hashtag: #battleofthethames 

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