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Broga: London's yoga classes for men

Written by
Katie Dailey

Yoga - that's what girls do so they can feel like they've exercised without breaking a sweat, and basically get a sweet lie down for half an hour with a lavender eyebag, right? Wrong. We desk-dwelling urbanites could all benefit from a bit of stretching and pulling in the right directions – particularly those of the hairier sex who complain of back troubles and ride bikes until their hamstrings are tighter than a gnat's arse. But what to do if yoga just doesn't feel butch enough for you? Or you don't want any girls to see that you're 20 centimetres off touching your toes?

Enter Yoga For Real Men, at Clapton's MKII gallery, a twice-weekly session designed to combine the more physical aspects of yoga with endurance building exercises (like manly push-ups *hrrrrrrrrrr* and muscular planks *hyeeeaahhhhhh*) and a lot of stretching. Classes are drop-in, cost a tenner (that's cheap in yoga pounds) and are strictly for the lads.

MKII, 71 Powerscroft Rd, E5 0PT. Mondays, 8pm, Wednesdays, 8am. Book your place be emailing:

More yoga for tough guys:

Blue Cow Yoga

This studio is located slap bang in the city, and is aimed at reinvigorating people whose job titles come in two to three characters, and whose default state is stressed and knackered.


This gruelling yoga-based workout is aimed at chaps, but girls can come along if they think they're hard enough. That said, the motto of the brand (founded by Californian man-mountain Matt 'The Pillar' Miller) is to 'smash the "yoga is for girls" myth on the mat'. There are regular classes at branches of Gymbox across London.

If you don't fancy broga, why not try doga

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