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Bum rush: photos of the World Naked Bike Ride in London

On Saturday, hundreds of cyclists stripped off and saddled up for the World Naked Bike Ride's London leg.


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Ostensibly a protest against oil dependency and a car-dominated public realm, it's also quite a good laugh.


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Photos suggest quite a troubling number of arsehole-on-Santander-bike incidents. Let's hope everyone brought some Dettol wipes. 


A photo posted by Norberto Gomes (@norgomes) on

The bike ride takes place in cities around the world, with recent happenings in Chicago and Los Angeles


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The event happens each year, so if you're feeling inspired, make a plan for next June!


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And now to conclude the post, more naked people on bikes. Enjoy! 


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More scantily clad stuff: 

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John B

Every person got his own desicions and style of life. We can do many things we want, but we need to go by social mores as normal and safe life would not be possible.Thanks


NudistSingle.net s

I would suggest that you either get a base tan, or apply sunscreen liberally. Nobody will care what you look like, and you might find there are others that are a bit more out-of-shape than you!

NudistSingle.net s

I just wish that I had started being ‘nude’ around the house and at a ‘clothing optional’ beach earlier in my life. As for someone stating that this is a ‘mental disorder’ to be nude, . . . we were ALL born that way and only forced to put clothes on because it is the social mores of the culture.