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'Cars 3' trailer: is Pixar about to traumatise a generation of kids?

By Time Out Film

Uh-oh, you know something's up with the world when even the trailer for 'Cars 3', the third film in the harmless and extremely popular but every so slightly dull Pixar franchise, ends up being weirdly, unexpectedly dark.

The first teaser trailer for the summer 2017 film throws us into the noise and speed of a stadium car race – and what looks like a horrific car crash.

Not only does the trailer put a not-very-uplifting car smash front and centre, but the smash involves none other than the star car Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson – followed by a very ominous line, 'From this moment, everything will change'.

Will Lightning be a total write-off? Will he manage to be salvaged and decide to turn his back on his petrolhead career and devote the rest of his life to humanitarian work in the developing world or to researching ways of reducing pollution levels?

Pixar, you know how to keep us hanging.

'Cars 3' will open in cinemas on July 14 2017.

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